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People Love The Way This Girl Cheered Her Mother Up After A Chemotherapy Session

Since her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Geysa has had one goal – make her mother laugh.

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A girl named Geysa from Brazil has gone viral after she filmed an adorable video with her mother after a chemotherapy session.

Hoje eu brinquei com a minha mãe simulando como ela ficará quando o cabelo dela - que caiu com a quimioterapia - cr…

"Today I played with my mother, showing how she will look when her hair – which has fallen out from chemo - grows.

Her reaction."

Geysa, told BuzzFeed Brazil her mother, Marinalva, was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer seven months ago, and that since then she and her father have been on a mission– to make her laugh.

Geysa / Arquivo Pessoal

"It's always been me, my father, and her," she said. "The sudden shock was huge and my dad was pretty shaken up; I had to keep up a tough front. The first, heaviest sessions were done with my father there with her. She cried, and he stayed by her side the whole time. During the treatment my father and I tried to make her laugh at any cost, with theater, musical numbers, everything done by just us two."

She said she recently had to take on the responsibility of looking after her mother while her father was looking for a job.

Instagram: @itsgeysa

Since being posted, the video has been retweeted over 32,000 times. People loved how cute Geysa and her mother are.

"What a beautiful thing."

"The video happened totally naturally," she said.


"We were playing around in the kitchen, because she wanted to see how long her hair was, so I told her to look at it on the display on my phone, and then I decided to test how it would look when it was long. I put it in record, and afterward I fell in love with the result."

"I posted it and she got so mad she almost killed me, and asked me to take it down," she said.

"She's refused to allow any pictures since she began treatment, but after I told her about all the positive messages, and about how we could inspire other people, in the end she let it stay up."

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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