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18 Images That Will Drive You Absolutely Nuts If You LUST After Cheese

Sorry, you can't rub this post all over your body. You CAN rub actual cheese all over your body, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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1. Oh, the things you would do to this mouth-watering grilled cheese sandwich.

Instagram: @sougourmet

Seriously, just look at that melted cheese oozing out of the bread

3. Admit licked your lips looking at this bubbly stuffed potato.

Instagram: @shampoo_na_cozinha

You may have even felt it tug on your heart strings. Is this true love?


5. God damn! Look at this cheese ball.

Instagram: @cozinhapramachos


8. And bless the simple pleasure of fried cheese on a stick. So pure. So wonderful.

Jantroyka / Getty Images

You can almost feel your teeth sinking into that perfectly browned crust and into the warm cheese within.


13. Imagine all the things you could do to these mozzarella sticks if you got your hands on them.

Mikafotostok / Getty Images

I mean, you probably mostly just eat them. But still... exciting to thing about.


17. Maybe it's a little risquΓ© for some of you, but if you've never tried a fresh, soft cheese with sweet jam before, you're really missing out on one of cheese's greatest performances.

This post was translated from Portuguese.