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    A Little Girl Asked For An Iron Man Birthday Party From Her Parents, And It Was Incredible

    Marina's parents even created a book with the little girl as the heroine to show that a girl can identify with other characters besides Disney princesses.

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    This little cutie with the big grin is Marina. At the end of March, she celebrated her fourth birthday and asked her parents for an Iron Man–themed birthday party.

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    In an interview with BuzzFeed Brazil, Renata Braga, Marina's mother, said that "ever since her first birthday, the party's themes were based on what she liked best. We always chose the themes based on whatever she loved the most at the time."

    Marcelo Batista

    Renata says that she is passionate about parties and she is always excited to help organize a party, whether for her daughter or for friends. So, after Marina's third birthday party, she asked her what the next party would be. The little girl didn't hesitate to choose Iron Man.

    "I was surprised because during the time she was discovering superheroes, she wasn't interested in looking at their designs, or playing with superhero toys. ... The only thing that might spark her interest in them was her passion for 'saving the day,' as she liked to say," said Renata.

    The mother says that the party was small and just for a couple of friends, but Marina loved it and was very enthusiastic.

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    "I've never seen her so excited, and I think that this is also because of the representations all around. ... She was able to really see herself in the world of heroes, which hadn't happened before," she said.

    About the planning and decorations for the party, Renata says that they decided to opt for something more playful and child-friendly, with only a few images of Iron Man himself and mixing in female characters.

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    The activities were also planned along the same lines as the rest of the party — playful toys, figures related to the subject and lots of happiness," she said.

    Renata says that there was a line of crochet products, and since she couldn't find a cake that really embodied the spirit of the party, she decided to do the cake decorations herself. "It took a long time, but it was a great time to reflect on how this experience could be better than just an average party."

    She says that since Marina was 3 years old, she wanted Iron Man toys and stories. Still, despite the fact that her close friends understood her daughter's tastes, sometimes other people still reacted strangely to her.

    Marcelo Batista

    Renata believes that other children act the way they do just because they haven't been taught not to have any problems with a girl identifying with a male character. "I think that it's due to the absence of questioning about this subject by families and the lack of representation of women/girls in any area outside of magic kingdoms," she says.

    So, Renata asked for help from her sister to write a story that would pass this information on to children (and the many families at the table) "in a way that that would understand."

    The book even helped Marina's parents, who can now show her, with her four years of experience, that she is capable of anything. "When she doubts herself or what she does or doesn't like, she stops and remembers: 'Ah, it's just like the Super Marina book!' she says."

    The booklet about Super Marina was delivered to the party's guest as a souvenir from the birthday party.

    Marina's parents have made the book available to read here.

    Tony Stark would certainly approve.


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