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    • Rane

      Dude, newsflash. The commander-in-chief of the whole country is black. No one living ever even saw slavery.
      Ibet you couldn’t even name one relative of yours that wasaslave. You’re carrying the weight of pain that you never saw.  Yeah,Iget it, we remember so it never happens again… to any race. But don’t carry it so deep that you end up living asaslave to your own hate and bitterness. I’ll never apologize for somethingIdidn’t do. If you want to carry all that pain and live inaworld of continuous mistrust, conspiracy and suspicion, that’s on you.
      Iknow white people that can name the names of their relatives that were slaves. Our history is our own. What we choose to carry and to live by is our own.  Whatever color, whatever race, against whatever odds. We’ve all got adversity. You’re privileged in the eyes of many.  Adversity always looks bigger when you stare at it, so quite looking and reliving. You’ll never go anywhere that way. 

    • Rane

      Complicating mere sin with alleged political strategy and undercover moral activism is an absolutely brilliant concept. Hat’s off to the writer. That said, it’s all fiction. It’s a lie. This article blurs and ignores the facts of who Kanye West is. The writer is reading in between the lines with a microscope.  Kanye West is exactly what he seems to be. Nothing more. His arrogance is simply arrogance. His filth, simply filth. His life message has no political, moral or activistic implications what-so-ever. There are many great black men who have stood against racism. They have represented their race with great honor, wit and integrity. They’re passion was for their people; for justice, healing and unity.  Kanye is not one of them.

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