Randy Gener Randy Gener is the US Editor of Critical Stages, a Nathan Award–winning writer, an internationally recognized curator, and a social entrepreneur in New York City.
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  • 21 Views From Inside The Al Jazeera America Launch Party

    Al Jazeera America celebrated the network’s one month anniversary with a lavish launch party at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall on Thursday, September 19. Guess who got invited? I did. (BTW: I wrote my TV provider to ask them to add Al Jazeera America to my channel lineup. You should too.) Here are 21 memorable moments from the private party.

  • 5 Tips To Buy Cheap Tickets For A Broadway Show In New York

    Let’s face it: The US economy still sucks. Good jobs are a bitch to find. Obama may wage “limited” war against Syria. And premium seats for Broadway’s The Book of Mormon continue to top at $480! So whose baby does one have to sell so that one can purchase cheap tickets for New York shows without having to suffer those punishingly long lines?

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