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    • randyd10

      I’ve experienced niceties and rudeness in Paris. I’ve lived in Paris since ‘08, it’s like any other big city where you’re going to encounter rudeness, abruptness etc. The problem is the inconsistency in the bureaucracy. C’est depend (it depends) isacommon phrase here. So, you can go to5different fonctionaires (gov’t employee), you conceivably can get5different answers to one question. And, God forbid you chose the wrong path, then you are punished because the French never, EVER admit to being wrong. And, it is your responsibility to know the answer before you ask the question,Iknow it makes no sense, but that’s the culture.
      Ido have to say that outside of Paris, people are much different. They’re very polite and genuinely nice. Even the French hate Parisians. It use to be that if you havea#75 on your lic plate (indicating Paris), chances are your car will get keyed outside of Paris.  The only thingIreally disagree with on this list is the coffee. There’s justahandful of places that make good coffee. It’s pretty well known among coffee officinados that coffee sucks in Paris. Ironic since they areacafe society. It’s because they’re not discerning/selective of their coffee beans and how it’s roasted etc., and they get them from their former colonies without any real review. But that’s slowly changing with barristas coming back from US and Italy…, so my guess inafew years it’ll be good to drink coffee almost everywhere!

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