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    • randyamperrelost

      I feel sad for the suspects as well as the victims. The suspects have rights too, maybe they were just as scared or more, maybe they were victims also. Maybe the older brother, if he was shooting back, could have been shot withatranquilizer to put him to sleep and when he awakes uninjured, given the right toafair trial. And why is everyone calling the younger brotheraman? He was 19 stillakid,a”TEENager” barelyaman. Maybe he was scared for his life, mourning his dead brother and confused wishing he was at home hanging out with his Dad. He deserves to be givenafair trial, he’sahuman and someone’s son. All the adults involved in bringing judgement to him will answer to God if they are doing it justly or not. Just because its the opinion of some in leadership and news reports that he is guilty, doesn’t mean all of Boston citizens and the world should assume that it is true; all factors and cards should be laid on the table forajudge and jury to see. Is there any compassion and justice left? What if they were innocent?; then all who have cheered their arrest/capture/death, all who accused them, and all who began to have hate form in their hearts against these boys, are all guilty of participating in the older one’s death, and the suffering and verdict of the younger one. Hey adults wake up…..lets treat people how we tell our children to treat people. Are your kindergarten kids allowed to accuseaclassmate of beinga’terrorist’ just becauseablock or chunk of play dough dropped on her head from who-knows-whose-hand it really dropped from?? Come adults its time to grow up. Let love rule.

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