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"Hot Dudes Reading" Will Suddenly Remind You To Stop At Barnes And Noble

Who says you can't be hot and smart anymore?

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"Hott Dudes Reading" has come to get us all hot and flustered as we creep on the people around us on the subway. Whether it's a man's beautifully coifed beard or the expertly crafted pieces of literature they carry, we'll leave it up to you.

Look at those golden locks of hair. How they perfectly compliment those ivory pages.

A music and literature lover? What a dream boat!

We know you're jealous, man on the left. You wish you were as sexy and well read as that guy next to you.

Is that tie green as a literary reference? Perhaps the green light from The Great Gatsby? Because you're so well read, right?

Riding the F train straight to our hearts.

We almost don't even notice that he's viciously manspreading.

Reading feminist literature? My body is ready!

Just some light periodicals before the train comes.

"My tastes are very...singular." *walks into a library*

What's better? The feel of those pages or the tickle of that moustache?

Oh, the things we'd do to be that book.

Out of the way, people! Sexy Einstein coming through!

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