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20 Compelling Reasons To Follow Sunny Mabrey On Vine

When she's not protecting Oz with her sisters on Once Upon A Time, Sunny is teaching us important things about life. Like how to properly order food in a drive-thru.

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1. She understands how important production values are.

2. She's very patient with everyone.

3. Animals are one of her biggest passions.

4. But her first passion will always be performing.

5. Family always comes first for her.

6. She's always willing to give us a glimpse into her family.

7. And she never turns down a chance to connect with family members.

8. She knows just how to keep a man interested.

9. She makes her girlfriends feel better about themselves.

10. And even if she's not on the same page as her friends...

11. She just wants them to find someone to love and cherish them.

12. She loves bringing her friends together to meet one another.

13. She knows to respect her elders.

14. She's willing to adapt if people are having a difficult time.

15. She knows when to keep her mouth shut.

16. She cares about her friends' education.

17. She loves the city she lives in.

18. But never passes up the chance to reconnect with nature.

19. All of her personal relationships are very healthy.

20. And, most importantly, she just wants to inspire future entertainers.
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