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The Hardest Romeo And Juliet Quiz You’ll Ever Take (Act II)

How well do you know Romeo and Juliet?

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  1. Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?

    Romeo forced him to
    Romeo and Juliet payed him a lot of money
    Friar Lawrence thinks it will end the feud between the two families
    He hates Paris and doesn't want Juliet to marry him
  2. What message from Romeo does the Nurse tell Juliet?

    She should go to Friar Lawrence's cell that night to get married
    Romeo has changed his mind and doesn't want to get married
    Romeo wants to ask his parents before they get married
    Romeo wants to hold off the wedding
  3. Why does Romeo hate his own last name?

    He thinks it sounds weird.
    Because his "name" is Juliet’s enemy.
    It sounds too similar to Paris' last name.
    People make fun of his last name
  4. Who foreshadows the ending of the play by saying "These violent delights have violent ends"?

    Friar Lawrence
  5. What does the Nurse think of Mercutio when she first meets him?

    She thinks he's handsome.
    She gets angry and says he is rude.
    She thinks he is really weak .
    She doesn't really think much of him.
  6. Instead of going home, where does Romeo go after the party?

    He goes home to take a nap.
    He visits Friar Lawrence.
    He goes to the Capulet garden to see Juliet.
    He goes to ask his father to marry Juliet.
  7. Why does Tybalt challenge Romeo to a duel?

    Because Tybalt saw him at the party when Romeo wasn't invited.
    Romeo stole Juliet from him.
    Becuase Romeo messed up the music at the party.
    Tybalt had no reason.
  8. How will Romeo get through Juliet's window?

    The Nurse will put out a rope ladder.
    Romeo will have to climb the wall.
    Juliet will have to go out and help him through
    The Nurse will distract Lady Capulet and Juliet will let him in
  9. Where does Romeo and Juliet's marriage take place?

    They elope
    In the town courtyard
    In Juliet's room
    In Friar Lawrence's cell
  10. Who calls for Juliet during the balcony scene?

The Hardest Romeo And Juliet Quiz You’ll Ever Take (Act II)

Uh oh. You may want to go back and reread the story.

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Congrats! Shakespeare would be proud!

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