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Why Your Kid NEVER Got Into Medical School: At UBC?

Here's a theory on why your kid never got into Medical School, at UBC where there is a large student and non-student population of ethnic diversity only seen among the female population there. Here's a theory which attempts to show Ethnic Filtering as a theory behind colour males who are not Christian being filtered. Medical School and MBA Grads in a picture side by side, 2017, you decide.

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Why Your Kid Never Got Into Medical School: Let Me Tell You Why...


The Book Below does not reference my article but talks about other White Privilege situations.

Copy and Paste this Link for Photo:

Book Title by the Author Paula S. Rothenberg which attempts to explain white privilege NOT particularly related to the medical sector.

This Paper will attempt to explain..

•Why Medical School is a White Privilege, more evident at UBC than most universities in the west

•Why ethnic filtering might occur when picking students for medical school

•Why in my community, it seems that Sikh Men and other ethnic men, are shorted in the post secondary system and discouraged from becoming doctors?

•What the Fear is from a Health Care system to fear Sikh Men, Sikh men with turbans and other Ethnic Males of colour who are either Non-Christian, Non-Muslim, and Non-Aryan sections of the population or have all these traits listed above.

•Why Chinese and Asians are not a threat to the power dynamics by not threatening the exercising of racism when picking students, providing jobs and-or providing health care in this system

Before I begin, please have a look at the Google Screen Shot Below - Zoom in if you cannot read the search and links...


Previously in 2016 what came up when one Googled "Vancouver Coastal Health Sikh".

It went to straight to Psychiatry and Mental Health links because this is what was Search Engine Optimized on the Vancouver Coastal Health server

They have changed this since I called them to ask them to correct it.

Then Look at this Graph below to see how Medical School is a racist White Privilege Institution in the United States as well.

Above: In America, race plays a major factor in decided who gets to be a doctor according this wall street Journal stats chart (, 2017)


Carefully examine the pictures below and look at the faces, facial features of these people below...

Above: The University of British Columbia Medical School students for are on the LEFT and UBC MBA Business Students are on the RIGHT.

•You might wonder, why the students on the Left, of the Males, they are primarily men who are white, with a small percentage of what appear as "light-skin-Asian-men" and there's a "brown skin looking guy" for the colour count...

•You might have also noticed that the white women are primarily white-blonde or one with white-red hair, women who is white-dark-hair for the count of white women.

•You might have noticed there is more blonde haired women or, women in general in the smaller group of medical students on the Left Side in white shirts than in the entire set of MBA students on the Right Side.

•You will also notice that the ethnic diversity is ONLY among the Female Candidates on the LEFT (of the medical school students in white shirts) yet, the class on the RIGHT is fully diverse in it's multi-cultural mix


•The Picture on the LEFT is from

•The Picture on the RIGHT is from

On another note...

“My doctors are VERY Good, I am very Fortunate. I nearly died and faced systemic racism in Public Health here in BC, Canada which has left me without a lot of things, friends one might attain by going to a university and completing a degree or even becoming a doctor, if I wanted that.

I was once a very ill teen and youth - I was denied public health care in the Vancouver Coastal Health due to my ethnic male background. I still have those papers and binders which state that. It lead me to wonder why, so I went out to understand the organizational behaviour of this system which denied me the use of a public system - of which I paid taxes to.”

This is just in the year 2017 - 17 years into the 21rst Century...

Awhile back I wrote a few times on systemic racism I faced at the Vancouver Coastal Health which I lay witness to for 15-20 years. There are many great doctors in the Vancouver Coastal Health of which I was saved by my doctors and therapists. Again, My doctors are VERY Good, I am very Fortunate. This is not about good doctors and bad doctors, this paper is about systemic racism in Health Care as examined, researched and experienced.

This Paper, of which I am working on will attempt to show how the University of British Columbia and other Western Canadian Universities filter their students using race, religion and ethnicity rather than the best set.

•If there is a shortage of doctors, ever wonder why there is a limit number which go to medical school at UBC?

•You might have noticed that in the picture of Medical Students at UBC Medical School, Sikh men are not present, despite being a popular set in post secondary institutions?

•One might even ask, if they can pass science courses and do well in other lines of science and business, why are the students at medical school primarily of the men who are white and of the women who are white, nearly entirely blonde with the ethnic diversity in the class within the range of women?

•And why at UBC of all places with the high number of Sikh men & ethnic colour men as students in those institutions?

This can be seen at UBC Medical School from what the evidence in class composition is, to be a white privilege institution since its inception.

There is systemic racism in the Public Health Sector, so much so that when I had brain trauma as a child, GF Strong and Vancouver Coastal Health doctors and therapists, refused to give me care due to my ethnic background.

"As I get researching and writing, please make a note that my doctors are excellent people who save my life everyday"

Doctors in the system might not even be aware of how ethnic filtering for medical school entry could even happen.

"I will attempt to explain why many people find it so hard to find a "good doctor" when your long time doctor retires."

White Privilege: Why Your Kid did not get into Medical School?

White Privilege is the "other Christianity" not the "real Christianity"

Section 1


In the May of 2017, CBC did an Analysis to see why more doctors are graduating than ever and why it's so hard to find a GP. That paper is at this link:

White this paper looks makes good points it does not micro scale the problem and follow the work flow to exactly who gets into medical school, why they are in medical school, why excellent students from non-white non-Christian Male communities are not going to medical school despite being great students and success in other areas. Having bee a patient in this system for 20 years, despite being degenerate, tormented, harassed and even blackmailed to mental instability while after surviving trauma and surgery, I have been the victim of and witness down right racism. I was denied public health care in British Columbia by BC Rehab and the Vancouver Coastal Health despite my family being right in Vancouver city since the year 1906 - that's right, we've own property and paid taxes here since the province of British Columbia came into confederation. Despite all this, GF Strong and Vancouver Coastal Health sent me, 19/20 years old on Public Transit, 48 weeks after coming out a coma with a Glascow Scale of 6, without a care worker, despite having had brain surgery, on my own to what was referred to as the "Indo-Canadian" treatment clinic. It was 4-5 Punjabi Males, ALL MALES, most born in Canada, all head trauma patients. It was a house in Surrey, in Panorama Ridge which was 100% private care - not this Copeman and False Creek government regulated stuff. The house was actually a Group Home for patients who were severely handicapped but the 5 of us "rejects" of Public Health Care were there, all Punjabi Males. All Because Vancouver Coastal Health's GF Strong Rehab Centre Refused To Give Me Care.

“And they won't mention me until they have a WHITE or White Privilege Compliant Brain Injury Survivor with my situation or worse get further or at the same level as myself, socially, personally and most of white collar professionally.”

Before that however, one should ask why no one ever tells you about my head trauma survival story like Terry Fox or Rick Hansen. It's because they've been trying to find a white-person with head trauma, surgery, who survived a coma with a "Glascow Coma-Scale level 6" who woke up to a wheel chair or higher scale of severity and can't (That is my Guess Based on the Picture and the Racism I felt in that system as a patient). That was my situation when was 20 on the High Level.

So Vancouver Coastal Health, the Public BC Health and other groups will never tell you about me and this is why I think they haven't and won't. I'm not White Enough to Help Others to campaign for money and celebrate is how it could very well be.

Tough life to live for a racist Public Health Care system. First they deny me Health Care then they don't want to learn from me because then they'd have campaigns like Terry Fox and Rick Hansen for a Sikh Non-Christian Punjabi Male. Maybe the fear was that I'd end up like that numb-nut of a Politician who was in a wheel-chair who was our mayor for awhile which they marketed up the wall. Racism is a serious problem when it effects the survival of others.

The racism in health care and BCRehab is so bad that they would not acknowledge the Punjabi East Indian man who lead and planned my recovery as "qualified" for nearly his entire career. His wife, being a woman and as in the case with UBC Medical School (from the Picture), it is more "socially" accepted to have Ethnic women in the diversity count. In fact, I have witnessed how Vancouver Coastal Health ER patients and BCRehab will have ethnic color men with attractive wives in for care while, the staff encourages the derailment of her husband and then any recourse would have the man put on Psychiatric Medication, which is used in as a cultural warfare tool to decimate ethnic men and limit their ability to function within society at large.

For further reading,

Read about the use the defamation and derailment of the Punjabi Male, please read my article on a UBC Thesis Examination which studied Punjabi Males in high-school to understand why they are not encouraged to do better academically here on LinkedIn, Buzzfeed and Issuu - ).

Which the Psycho-Therapist who had me rise from a coma Scale 6 to a Fortune500 Management Consultant and technology professional as well as a University Alumni, well that was a Punjabi Male Psycho Therapist BCRehab and the Vancouver Coastal Health talked down and belittle regularly. In fact, every time his name was referenced for Psycho-Therapy they question his credibility, belittled him and refused his diagnosis while with his wife, well, they worked together but BCRehab and Vancouver Coastal promoted her, her professional existence and gave her opportunities not available to her husband. They were a team - I saw it, I was in their care for nearly 10 years. They are equally qualified and great at their job.

Racists in the Vancouver Coastal Health knew that if I got any help, I would be exceed all expectations and that would be a determent to their "White Privilege". Yes my 100% Private Care with ICBC funds for less than $130,000 had me in university and working in Fortune500 firms doing mid to senior level work and these days, I'm a Management Consultant who makes what a Psychologist bills per hour to Upper management in Government and the Fortune500. And I never used the $150,000 basic Rehab coverage allows with ICBC, never went to court or sued anyone. And at the in those years, had a tall beautiful girlfriend for 6 years who was in Law School at UBC. If you don't believe that, you might be a racist yourself. Go Figure.

A Psycho-Therapist being a man on the American Board of Psychology (not Canadian Board of Psychology), his wife who was a Psychiatric Nurse who later when on to be a Psychologist on the Canadian Board of Psychology and a Psychiatrist who was once the Head of the Psych Ward at Vancouver General Hospital being the only option outside of the BC Rehab System with "GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre" and their people denying me and justifying denial of their services. I have the binder with the paper work to prove it. Not a Lawyer in town wanted to represent me. I was Punjabi, I was Male and I was Sikh - 3 strikes and I'm out!

My Vocational Psychologist as well - for less than BASIC ICBC Coverage for rehab, I became who I am today. Don't tell anyone I survived almost dying and the BCRehab and Vancouver Coastal Health denied me care and not a lawyer in town would help me, it's a secret to maintain "White Privilege" and - because, I'm not White that could be detrimental to white people at large if I were to make money and capitalize on that. It could destroy Stockwell Day and Preston Manning at one time knowing that truth got out. So shhhh :P

So the Answer is…

Racism is the result of Fear, White Privilege and White Entitlement are the direct result of the fact that these people are Losers. Losers like these cheat to win in becoming doctors because they are a failure if they played by the rules. Losers cheat to win, that’s why they’re Losers. Racism is the fear that loss of opportunity means that entitlement should cause enough grief for keeping Medical School a Racist White Privilege Institution.

Section II

Why in my community, it seems that Sikh Men and other communities of ethnic men who are no where near Judaism based religions, seeming to be shorted in the post secondary system and discouraged from becoming doctors if we need them and they are good students?

The real reason for a shortage of doctors in health care is that there must be a reason why students who excel in university in other areas, are not entering programs or passing courses, which would be ideal for medical school.

The problem that health care in BC and in the West have is that kids who are great students are filtered at the first and second year level and it shows that there is an ethnic boundary by the picture above. If you took any number of Medical School Graduates who are Doctors or Specialists and put them against nearly any other Graduating Class at UBC since forever, you will see how they let in non-whites according to wealth of the students family or how socially acceptable, non-threatening to "white privilege" they were. In fact of the non-white, non-Christian men who did graduate medical school and practice here in BC, if they were say East Indian-Non Christian-Males, they were sent to the Fraser Health Authority to start their practice. In the Fraser Health Authority of the ones which wrote papers which degenerated Punjabi's, Sikhs and some Hindu's with other non-Judaism groups and the males within them, those Male doctors got the furthest either in the Vertical or Horizontal chain.

Of the Above, let me give you and example:

Here is a paper where author argues that this is a part of the Punjabi Culture to degrade women's-problem_REPORT.pdf ... This paper could have been written by a 12 year old racist kid with no insight into the world. But that's there is what the Vancouver Coastal Health encouraged, whether they were part of this or not, it came from UBC and it was Mental Health credible enough to take light and UBC did NOT Refute it. The only rational reason would be that they got Punjabi's to write papers to defend their own desire to limit and decimate Punjabi Males by slandering them. UBC published this thesis.


So the answer is ...

There will always be a shortage of doctors in BC because of the sociology of White Privilege among the power groups. They do not want Sikh men or ethnic color men to threaten the power dynamics in Health Care and in the world around them. The see the Financial and Personal successes of Punjabi Sikhs and other East Indians are greater threat than say Black men, Asian men, Middle Eastern men and of those groups they pick the ones who are Christian or the closest to and provide them with Medical School and other spots in society.

Politicians are picked by who gets the most votes but you will have noticed the rise of Ujjal Dosanjh but when he wanted to be the Premier of BC, the party turned on him too. White Privilege empowers those who are not a threat to that empowerment. So to allow Medical School to allow the best students despite race, religion or gender would be allowing non-white, non-Christians to come into health care and limit or destroy the idea of White Privilege.

Section III

If there is a shortage of doctors, ever wonder why there is a limited number which go to medical school at UBC only picking Aryans with their subordinates and women they find attractive?

Because it seems from the pictures and of previous pictures that white people, white men, have that privilege and in the Health Care System where they use Mental Health and perhaps other tools, in a cultural warfare to limit, restrain and and stop the growth of success among non whites. Especially those non-whites who do not support the idea of White Privilege nor the White Privilege already present in the Health sector who might be a threat to maintain white entitlement.

The Chinese for example, will practice and be racist to keep their jobs - I’ve experienced it myself. Asians do not consider Indian's from India as Asian because there is greater benefit, less resistance if they join in the support of White Privilege.

They also come from a country which looks down on independent activists - no one from China was a Ghandi or a Martin Luther King, Ever.

There were people who were Chinese and fought for things but no one like Ghandi who attempted liberated a Nation or eradicate racism as a whole. Never.

The Answer is...

A Medical School of non Aryan, color men from religions which threaten the Racist White Male are protected by their people to Maintain White Privilege. Of the Asians, they participate in and contribute to the racism because they are obedient to follow White Privilege and White Entitlement while at the same time, participate in the holding back and degrading Punjabi Sikh Males and other color minorities.

That is how the Chinese got stuck as slaves in Canada while Canada was becoming a country, while they built the railroad here in Canada from the years 1867 to 1923. Here's a link to read about that -

Section IV

How does the Vancouver Coastal Health and BCRehab not having Sikh Men or Ethnic men of color who, are not promoting White - Christian Privilege a problem or the world at large?

A famous case of racism related to health care which comes to mind is that of the owner of a Indian Restaurant in a white section of the Greater Vancouver Area and a rich white business man who didn't hire Punjabi Men or East Indian men who were not gay to be servers to work in his restaurant. This white man-restaurants-owner would come this Indian Restaurant regularly and mix, with the wife and kids of the owner. The owner of the Indian Restaurant, cooked and had depression, it was clinical perhaps but got worse with the onset of this white man from a rich background visiting and whatever else. So the Punjabi man commits suicide, White Privilege health care and others who supported them, say "it was bound to happen" he was "Mentally Ill". Mental Health is a took Health Care uses in a Cultural Ware Fare to limit and restrain Sikh men as you might have noticed in the Google Search below.


Previously in 2016 what came up when one Googled "Vancouver Coastal Health Sikh".

It went to straight to Psychiatry and Mental Health links because this is what was Search Engine Optimized on the Vancouver Coastal Health server

They have changed this since I called them to ask them to correct it.

After the East Indian man commits suicide, the white man who used to visit regularly, had a restaurant chain of his own, so he put one of the dishes on his menu. In the write up online, mentions the dish when he visited, mentions the mother, mentions the daughter and forgot to mention the cook, the Punjabi Man who committed suicide. This story shows me that it could have been an affair with the Punjabi man's wife, knowing he was depressed with no consideration for the man because of the write up and then being so involved in the life of the wife and the daughter, once the father had taken his own life both, got continued financial and personal support.

I have many questions of this story and it baffles me. A man with mental illness, a rich white man with a restaurant chain which didn't hire Punjabi or Sikh men yet promoted the sexual exploitation of young females all in the mix. No one questioned the white man, ever, of his behavior and treatment of hiring people or the way girls are treated there at his Restaurant. The white man in question and the East Indian man who committed suicide was a story kept in the closet to protect the white man perhaps, no? I'm not saying the man wasn't depressed or didn't commit suicide, I'm asking:

If in fact the white business man who was a restaurant chain owner which sexually exploited young girls and the refused to hire ethnic color men, especially Sikh Men who were Punjabi and not gay, who might wear turbans or are Punjabi males in general at his own restaurant, makes me wonder why he would be that close and visiting that often at this restaurant? For a long regular time he would come eat there. Then the East Indian man commits suicide and the white mans gets even closer to the woman and her daughter.

That there ladies and gentleman is where Health Care could have answers but see this as a victory for those with White Privilege.

For instance,

•Why this rich white business man with a restaurant of his own, at this Indian restaurant weekly when he didn't hire Punjabi men or men with Turbans inside his restaurants at the time or until much later?

•Why the East Indian man, the owner of this East Indian restaurant business commit suicide even if it was irrational thinking?

•What was he rationalizing wrongly so much that he took his life?

•What caused the mans depression to get worse?

•Why did the relationship between the white business man, the wife gone widow and her daughter get so close - so much so that he was financially supporting her and the daughter through their life after?


So the answer...

... the reason for a lower attendance and graduation rate at Medical Schoool, more at UBC where there is a large student and non-student population of Indo-Canadians at large, is that they might be filtered out of even getting to or surviving Medical School.

Among the population of Sikh men and other ethnic men who are not perceived a threat to the world of White Privilege, I will hypothesize that they are filtered out and allowed to only pass courses that post secondary institutions they are at feel they should be in for a number of reasons. Those programs do not threaten White Privilege and for the most part have characteristics like that they are occupationally limited to those jobs which either, not entirely are:

•Of less pay,

•Of less social status

•Of less credible occupations

•Of less empowerment in society as a whole

... and a number of other things that would have say, for a Sikh man with a Turban to be considered a likely candidate for rather than, to have that same man succeed and be promoted through life, looked highly upon or worse, to be mating with a white women of high social stature from the higher ranks of society - which is all a fear that racism itself is based on, that White Privilege prevents certain males of color and ethnicity to be promoted into high ranking jobs and positions in the Vancouver Coastal Health, BCRehab and other areas.

This is my hypothesis based on a concluding truths which I have been a part of as a patient and as a consultant, where in for jobs with the Vancouver Coastal Health and PHSA, in Vancouver for example, my success in this sector is an immediate threat to White Privilege because of my experience in my line of work and pay scale.

My experience with racism looks at color-men who have done well in getting ahead in their life and of all them, Wally Oppal Judge and BC Liberal Party MLA, in my opinion would not have made it half way up a monkey's ass if he didn't marry a white woman and segregate from the Punjabi community so much that he can't even speak the language anymore. With the racism at the time, there was no way he was going to a Judge or liked by people who already had White Privilege to allow him to do that. Think about it.

Section V

“Over time, I have asked myself many questions about White Privilege and the one which baffles me the most is…”

If they don't like us and don't like Jews and whomever else they held back but has works hard while, getting ahead, why doesn't the government do something for the most capable rather than the most "Entitled"?

For a world which has everyone living better instead of choose the “entitled” and failing as a system?

Currently Health Care with Asians, particularly the Philippine women and Chinese people, participate in the racism against others like Punjabi Sikh men because of the success ratio financially, personally and professionally despite being hated on and held back with closed doors most of their lives.

Health Care is where a racism lives and breathes, then it stops to do it's job, just before you die to get paid. It's not like they won't hire more Punjabi Doctors who are Sikhs, especially not with turbans, unless they serve "their community". That's why their are so many in who are in the Fraser Health not the Vancouver Coastal Health. Health care does not see Sikh men and Sikh men with Turbans as "Canadian" enough to serve and work anywhere. Punjabi Males or Sikh Males are a targeted set - you have seen it here in the Google Screen shot and you may have read in other papers of what happened to this community which once flourished and lived here in Vancouver. White Privilege and White Entitled people, out of the fear of power dynamics not promoting White Privilege, have sustain a minimal existence of visible ethnic color men who are not Christian. That is my view of it.

If the white and groups of non-whites in Health Care together, are racist, they will succeed in racially demonizing, degenerating and being racist towards groups collectively to maintain and grow what they want. The racism was the worse from about 1990 to 2010 when white men had married into Punjabi families through the women and then after having kids and asking the Punjabi half for money to by a house after a big wedding, after the "command and conquer" syndrome that white men reached for over Punjabi women finally had an easing effect after Punjabi men married white women who were themselves great women, educated and attractive. Vancouver Coastal Health promoted the existence of inter-racial relationships but primarily where white men mixed with non-white women and succeeding to draw them far from their culture, even putting them in higher ranks of the health care system, like a recent BCTRA President for her contribution to child bearing with a white man. A Organizational Behavior position not available to non-white men, especially Sikh men with Sikh wives nor women of color who are culturally non-Christian non-Indian at home. When I was at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, the woman who represented the East Indian Community there was a Indian woman married to a white man, lived in the North Shore. I had never seen her at a East Indian function - ever.

The government wants communities divided in a US-And-THEM scenario, it keeps the followers they need in their jobs and too afraid to Not Join In racism and bigotry.

So the Answer...

Because politicians, Left-Right-&-Centre, would prefer white men, for White Privilege and White Entitlement, to mix and limit the growth of the those communities furthest from Anglo-Christian-Aryans to be limited through degenerating the ethnic men, for my example, Sikh men who have shown great financial and professional success to have their daughters mix with white men and have their sons limited in professional growth, to maintain White Privilege that people like Mike Horgan of the NDP and Gordan Campbell of the BC Liberal Party have had in their success in public life.

The government also does not get involved because of colour women with high ranking public positions, directly related to the highest levels of government, they have traditionally been colour women married to white men. If a Sikh man or an ethnic man, from a faith which is not related to Judaism, got ahead with a high level of disparity between themselves and what White Privilege - White Entitled people have to their benefit, it would give white people who are White Privileged, a cause for serious out-lash because of how Health Care feeds and flourishes Racism from within it.

Section VI

Why is Medical School as a White Privilege, more evident at UBC than most universities in the west?

Because of the large number students who are ethnic males, from my community of East Indian males as well as other ethnic colour males who are not Christians of Any Kind, who are in post secondary education and are NOT Getting to Medical School, many of them filtered out of post secondary in the first 2 years or graduating from less credible universities like "online Universities" and Polytechnic Universities and College Degrees from Colleges not Universities. Myself, I have a story of my own on this note. Based one the statistics of the success ratio of ethnic colour men who are Sikh or non-Christians, in Post Secondary institutions which are credible universities with Medical Schools, can be build the hypothesis that this group is low-balled on the grading curve. Ethnic colour men who are less Canadian in the eyes of many professors, might be seen as a greater threat to white entitlement and if they show signs of high desires for medical school to be doctors or scientists, they might be seen as an immediate threat to white society. In the same light of the on the not White Privileged set of men, the ones who make it to University, they are filtered out the same way. Some would say speculation but the numbers speak for themselves.

I blame it on the education system itself - there is a greater problem in the education system in that it takes away empowerment from ethnic kids with things like, today's teachers can't say Merry Christmas in school due to being politically correct. So now they decide to be "Politically Correct" in a way in which it harms the child by taking away a vital piece of western civilization - things they will need to know when they go out in the world and work, do business, related and mix with others who are not like them.

So with this, I can see ethnic filtering being a component of post secondary education and the reason why there are so many great students who are ethnic men of colour who are not from faiths from Judaism but rather the fact to ask, why are these kids not getting to medical school?

Of Non-Christian, Non-White males, depending on the level of ethnic difference from the lifestyles of White Privileged people, if deemed a threat to White Privilege in their existence yet independent, confident while tied to their non-western culture in the least bit, are held back first, then the ones which do the best socially but are considered more tied to their non-western culture and then students that White Privilege sees of no use financially and otherwise. I was never planning on being a comp sci guy although I love what I do and wouldn't change it but, education in fields of study I wanted to do well in and had an interest, I was low balled out of contention until I had brain surgery. That's how I see it as I have experienced it.

White or other lighter skinned Asian males you will see on the LEFT (left side of the medical school picture) in comparison to the the RIGHT side of the picture with the class of MBA students. That is because white men are encouraged in many areas with opportunities to mate with ethnic women that white people who address White Privilege as a Truth, are encouraged and provided for to have those chances to do so. While when colour men, again because I come from the community, when a tall beautiful Punjabi girl who is with a Punjabi man, more so one with a turban, white people who address White Privilege seriously, men and woman, will be slandering and looking for flaws in that man Right In Front of Him. So naturally one would ask how this even happened? No? Think about it, you're trying to tell me No Colour Ethnic-Men, do not want to be doctors? I find that hard to believe. There is a component to refuting which has lead me to build this article on a theory based on what I have experienced and seen.

The Answer is…

Racism has been a serious fear factor of white who are racist as being discovered. They have seen the back lash of racism in other areas of the world, the United States for example and with that, they fear the sabotage of such effects.

White people who are racists in white collar jobs usually reside in the public sector, in Health Care, Essential Services like Police, Defence and I’ve experienced it as a contractor and employee in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and at the airport in Calgary as a passenger

Medical School is a stable of racism since the Residential School system used it as a tool to filter Native American Canadians while raping their children. We are now addressing this problem now in Canada.

Section VII

What to Conclude?

UBC Medical School is White Privilege institution unless you are female or a male who is not a threat to White Privilege and White Entitlement. That type of thinking from the University of British Columbia Medical School comes down the pipeline with students which graduate from it, from other universities with medical programs like nursing all the way to, the professional work-space where there is a organizational behavior which ranks employees but profession, what schools they graduated from, all the way to how close they are to entitling White Privilege to be in the taxonomy of groups with in it.

Racial and Cultural rankings occur at the student level, where the male students of color who are not Christians are ranked by the level of threat they are to White Privilege in career gains and occupation successes. This hypothesis with any others related in this article had to do with the diversity seen in classes over the years, being in Vancouver Coastal Health Care settings, within Vancouver Coastal Health with BCRehab Health Care Facilities as a patient for 15-20 years and in my own career, when applying for or trying to retain a conversation with a hiring manager or HR and Recruitment professionals which my white counter parts where able to reach-out to and attain interviews or follow up about postings.

As a Patient, I was denied public health care in the Vancouver Coastal Health while brain injured after surgery and have lived in Vancouver since I was born. My ICBC Adjuster and ICBC Rehab Team were very helpful in find 100% Private Care, not associated to, nor reporting to, public health units nor the ministry in many cases. For less than $130,000 I have been a success story they never mention nor ask for help from because I was a victim of racism, my family racially profiles and were looked down upon which in Rehab, in the first year more so, while and in as well as out patient at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre.

Today we talk about White Privilege because of Donald Trump but, while Preston Manning and Stephan Harper with the Tories in and around them, have given rise to the kind of racism that has effected my whole life as with many others who do not speak up, out of fear or knowing how to articulate the difficulties they faced.

If your child wears is a Sikh Boy with a Turban, an ethnic man of dark colour who is not a Christian or from a Faith based on Judaism, you will NOT make to Medical School BUT, If you Do, you can serve in areas where "Canadians" are not but rather serve your own community as in, you will be encourged to leave Vancouver Health all together.

If you would like to understand how politics plays with Ethnic diversity and why Punjabi's and Sikhs have been asked to leave Vancouver, sell and move to maintain an Aryan dominate Vancouver with subordinate Asians who they keep limited in their own right.

For Further Reading on this similiar topics, feel free to visit me at

Author: Randeep Dosanjh

A Rights Reserved with any reference to this article (all 4 parts) in whole or in part with the written consent of the Author: Randeep Dosanjh

This is a Live Edit Paper by Randeep Dosanjh... there's more to come

I welcome commentary to challenge this theory I am building to refute even my own case so with that... I will continue as we go.....

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