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10 LPs No Vinyl Collection Would Be Complete Without

There are all kinds of top 10 lists, those with guidelines, some with rules, others mere recommendations, you name it, but none seem to pull from all of the above and still retain a sense of identity when it comes to the world of vinyl record collecting. As a hobby for some and a way of life for others, collecting vinyl can be, should be, a very personal thing...and this list aims to keep it that way. In one of many, many videos released by YouTuber and record junkie, Daily Vinyl, this list gives lifelong collectors and those new to the scene a surefire top 10 that any record enthusiast can appreciate. So let's take a look:

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10. The Favorite Artist

FolkPunkGaze / Via

Everyone has that band or artist that is "theirs," and sometimes our favorite artists have never released an LP or maybe only did a very select limited run and now those albums fetch for hundreds online and therefore you haven't made it a priority, well no more excuses. You need your favorite artist on vinyl, it builds the bond between your relationship with the music and the identity you have with it, besides I promise you will be glad you have it once you do. No vinyl available? Check google for custom record shops that can press single LPs for those extra enthusiastic collectors. Alternatively, if you artist is easily available for purchase on vinyl just be sure you have at least one in your collection, it's all about the passion of the wax!

9. At Least One Beatles LP (and have 2 copies) / Via

It's the inevitable, at some point, in some way, some one will ask. . ."so do you have any Beatles?" Any, well, you should. Pick any of their albums, preferably your favorite and try to get 2 copies, one for spinning and one for "having," as an classic piece of record nostalgia.

8. The Signed Memorabilia

The Signature Library / Via

At some point in time you will be at a concert or show and the artist will have some signed or unsigned vinyl. If you can, buy an unsigned one, wait to meet the artist and say hello. . .get that signature yourself. Now not only do you have an amazing new LP in your collection, you have a cool story to go with it; this LP will be part of a story you tell your grandkids for years to come.

7. Something Classical

Canuck Audio Mart / Via

Classical music is just that, classic, and unfortunately not as appreciated as it once was...however, there will undoubtedly be a time when it just fits. Best part about this, you can always find classical wax on the cheap! Duetsche Grammophon pressings are particularly good finds.

6. The Soundtrack

Modern Vinyl / Via

Not everyone understands the value of a good soundtrack, but typically those good enough to be pressed to vinyl are solid. Now, scores are great too, but in this case you need a great mix of tracks that pull you back to specific scenes from movies, that transport you during the spin. Besides, most modern soundtrack LPs come in really cool special edition packages!

5. The Picture Disc

Djdaffy1227 / Via

Somewhat of a nostalgic collectible, if you dig deep enough you are bound to find a few. Albeit it is argued that these do not hold up or sound as good, they are simply, just plain cool.

3. The "Showoff" Piece / Via

"So, what is your most valuable record?" To some that has nothing to do with monetary value (we will get there), however you should have at least one LP you like to pull out, brag about, and wax poetic over.

The Beatles' "Butcher Cover" is a great example of just that.

2. Whipped Cream

Graphic Zen / Via

You've seen it, you'll see it again, the you will see it 10,000 more times. Do yourself a favor, buy a copy and make the idea of picking up at the top price of $.99 a thing of the past for the rest of your digging days. Bonus, this is actually a very solid album, points if you put it on at your next dinner party.

1. Your First Record

1000 Awesome Things / Via

Whatever it is, no matter how embarrassing or horrible the music is to you now, keep it! This is the equivalent of losing your vinyl virginity and it's going to be important to you down the line.

Pro Tip: Write the story of your buying experience, yada yada yada, on a sheet of paper and keep it in the sleeve, should you ever feel compelled to part with your collection (or just want a good read) pull this out and try not to cry.

  1. How Many of These Do You Own?

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    I'm pretty close, only missing a few.
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    I'm heading to the record store now...

Check Out The Original Video from Daily Vinyl Here:

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Per the original video: "Let's take an inebriated moment to enjoy a list of the top 10 albums every record collect should have in their collection, and no it's not a shopping list, it's more of a set of guidelines for what you should attain within your personal collection".

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