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Chuck Berry's Contract Rider, How Rock N' Roll Was It?

It's no secret that the late great Chuck Berry wasn't always Johnny B. Goode, having issues with legal matters throughout his career, including tax evasion and other charges, but that isn't the only way he lived up to his Rock n' Roll status. Piece of The Past memorabilia company owner, Kevin Martin, was nice enough to share a 1989 contract for the rock legend signed through the William Morris Agency which elaborates on all of his specific needs. Take a look:

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The 10 Musts, In A Nutshell

So in short, Chucks the headliner, and has to play for over an hour, and will never share the bill with another artist...Okay, we can live with that, but what else? The temperatures must be specific degrees, 75 to be exact in all quarters, including for other musicians. The Amps must be provided and must specifics, down to the half on an inch in sizing. Among other things, just read the contract! The kicker though, any failures to comply with the rider and Chuck gets $2000, nice bank roll for that one. We love it!

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