Whiskey Gone Wrong

There’s no wrong way to consume whiskey. Or is there?

2. It’s the drink of the gods.

3. We’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy it.

4. But some people get too drunk and mess with this gift. People like:

5. 1. The geniuses who let cows drink whiskey.

6. 2. Folks who want their house to smell like whiskey while they enjoy their whiskey.

7. 3. People who want that same charred oak scent in aerosol form.

8. 4. Those guys that want to smell like they’re drinking and driving when they’re really not.

9. 5. The families who wish the best part of waking up isn’t Folgers in there cup.

10. 6. Parents who want their kids to develop a taste for it early.

11. 7. The dentists who obviously think whiskey is effective in the fight against gingivitis.

12. 8. The other dentists who thought plain whiskey wasn’t a good enough flavor.

13. 9. The people who want their body to smell as good as their teeth tastes.

14. 10. The guys who want that same shower smell to last all day.

15. 11. The guy with the hot date who loves… you guessed it…. whiskey!

Thierry Mugler’s Intoxicating ‘A*MEN Pure Malt’ Scent

16. 12. That same guy who hopes to get lucky that night.

17. 13. The Epic Meal Time Chefs who thought he might need lube.

18. 14. The good folks who want to remember the taste of whiskey when they kiss their lovers.

19. 15. And those horrible people who spat in the face of the gods. Shame on you.

Florida-based ArKay is an alcohol- (and hangover-) free whisky flavored drink that is described as a “genuine whisky-flavored alternative for mass consumption.”

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