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16 Instances Of Common Bullshit That Almost All People Of Color Have To Put Up With

Don't. Touch. Our. Hair.

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BuzzFeed Brazil asked people of color in our audience about the most annoying and frustrating scenarios that they regularly deal with. Here are some of their answers:

This post was part of BuzzFeed's celebration of Black Awareness Day in Brazil, which took place on Nov. 20.

1. When strangers try to touch your hair without asking...

2. And then when they ask, "Do you wash your hair?"

Followed by: "But how do you wash it?"

3. When you cut or shave your hair to get a job...

Because you know it looks more "professional," whatever that means.

4. When you're mistaken for the cleaning staff...

At work, at the mall, at a hotel — honestly, anywhere.

5. Or, because you're wearing a suit, you get mistaken for a security guard or valet.

6. When you have a run-in with the police, and they decide to choose you as the ~person of interest~ out of all of your friends.

7. Or when you're running to catch the bus, and get stopped by police.

And of course, you miss your bus.

8. When you go to college and are part of the minority...

9. And, to top it off, have your intelligence underestimated all the time there because people assume you got in because of affirmative action...

10. When you go to the mall and somehow always get your very own security detail following you around the store...

11. When you don't get introduced to your significant other's parents because of the color of your skin...

12. And when you're considered "lucky" to be dating a white person.

13. When you ask someone on the street for the time, and they become obviously afraid of you.

And they suddenly seem to hold their purses just a little tighter.

14. When you're in the security line at the airport, and you have to get your hair searched...

15. When you can't find makeup for your skin tone...

16. And finally, when you're told that you're "very pretty for a [insert race here] girl."

Yea, thanks but no thanks.

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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