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    27 Of The Greatest Singers From The Last Generation

    Prepare your ears and hearts, because these women sing from the soul.

    This all started with a great thread on twitter from @BiVidal (who lives in Brazil). You have her to thank for this incredible list.

    Twitter: @BiVidal

    Prepare your ears and hearts, because these women sing from the soul.

    1. Ella Fitzgerald

    2. Donna Summer

    3. Jovelina PĂ©rola Negra

    4. Whitney Houston

    5. Martha and the Vandellas


    Every girl alive in the '60s raved about this girl group. With more than one lineup in their time, Martha and The Vandellas sang soul, pop, and rock.

    6. Clementina de Jesus

    7. Nina Simone

    8. Aretha Franklin

    9. Elza Soares

    10. Cesária Évora

    11. The Supremes

    12. Miriam Makeba


    Known as Mama Africa, this South African singer was an important activist in her country. She fought against apartheid, and even had her records banned and her nationality revoked. In 1990, she returned to her country at the invitation of President Nelson Mandela, who received her personally.

    13. Tina Turner

    14. Dona Ivone Lara

    15. Billie Holiday

    16. Zezé Motta

    17. Josephine Baker


    A singer, dancer, activist, and–believe or not–agent of the French Resistance, Josephine Baker was known for having the voice of a songbird. She confronted a lot of racism during her career, and was sometimes called "Black Pearl", "Bronze Venus", and "Creole Goddess."

    18. Abbey Lincoln

    19. Alcione Nazareth

    20. Etta James

    21. Lia de ItamaracĂĄ

    22. Chaka Khan

    23. Sandra de SĂĄ

    24. Oleta Adams

    25. Minnie Riperton

    26. Tammi Terrell

    27. Sarah Vaughan

    28. Want to hear some of these amazing singers? Here's a Spotify playlist with all these wonderful women on it. You can listen to it and fall in love right along with us.

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    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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