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    38 Things Only Someone Who Was A Scout Would Know

    To this very day, the smell of a bonfire still brings you back.

    1. If you really had to, you could handle yourself in the forest.

    2. You've learned how to sell sweets better than most candy shops.

    3. You remember the warcry of your troop to this day.

    4. You've immediately trusted someone you just met after learning that they were a scout.

    5. You could cook an entire meal over an open flame.

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    6. You've lost track of the number of weekends you gave up just trying to accumulate the maximum number of badges for your sash.

    7. You've camped in your backyard before because you couldn't wait for your next camping trip.

    8. Even when they were clean, your clothes always smelled like smoke.

    9. You never had any problems in biology class.

    10. You've become an extremely competitive person.

    11. You still take your commitment to nature very seriously.

    12. And to this day you get pissed when you spot someone littering.

    13. You can solve any problem with a pocket knife.

    14. And you still carry one around with you now.

    15. You conquered every childhood fear you ever had thanks to Scouts.

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    16. Cold bath? No problem.

    17. You're also not afraid of being in close quarters with others.

    18. You still love the warm comfort of a sleeping bag on a cool night.

    19. If you could, you would still sleep in one in bed.

    20. You loved being in parades, and wish you still had the chance to be in them.

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    21. Before you turned 20, you accomplished more than most people your age.

    22. And your friends all made fun of you, but you never cared, because your life was full of adventure.

    23. The Jamboree was the most highly anticipated event of your young life.

    24. You met people from all around the world, without having to use the Internet.

    25. And you cried your eyes out when you had to say goodbye to all your new friends when it was all over.

    26. Your life of outdoor adventuring and pioneering made you feel like a true engineer.

    27. You still know the right knot for every occasion, and how to tie them.

    28. You still work great in a team.

    29. Especially as a strong leader.

    30. Oh, and nothing disgusts you anymore.

    31. You can still impress people by pointing out constellations in the night sky.

    32. You know how to read a compass, and often rely on that skill.

    33. And you always keep a flashlight nearby.

    34. You still can't help but look for clues all around when you go hiking.

    35. You're no stranger to sleeping in damp clothes.

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    36. The smell of a campfire brings back good memories until this day.

    37. You carry around every experience from your days in the Scouts like a trophy.

    38. And you still miss your days with the Scouts.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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