19 People Who've Already Failed At Their New Year's Resolutions

    "To cut back on carbs and sugar, all I’ve eaten all day is potato chips and chocolate."

    Creating New Year's resolutions is a way for people to reset their goals and start over on a new page. Breaking habits and building new routines can be a struggle for many. It's very normal for people to give up on their resolutions. It's happened to the best of us.

    I've compiled a few Reddit posts from people who have already broken their 2023 New Year's resolutions.

    Reddit user u/Jimmymott asked, "Let’s have it then. How have you (already) failed your New Year’s resolution?" The responses assured me that I was not the only one who quickly gave up.

    1. "Wasn't supposed to eat meat, but I woke up hungover. I looked at those Linda McCartney sausages with distain and ordered in. I am so very weak."

    2. "I decided I was going to get outside every day for either a walk or a run. Woke up this morning with a viral infection. In bed almost all day!"

    3. "Decided to stop with the sailor mouth...ended up saying a boat load 15 minutes into the year!"

    4. "I literally kept mine so simple. Drink water, take vitamins every morning. Nope. Day 1. Failed."

    5. "I'm too self-conscious to go to the gym, and I'm terrible at seeing exercise as anything other than more effort than it's worth. So, I've promised myself to do one physical exercise a day, and slowly add each month. Have not started yet."

    6. "I made several as I know I’ll lose a few as I go. So far, failed: to get up when my alarm goes off; to not spend longer than three hours a day on Reddit; to go to bed at a reasonable hour."

    7. "I was going low buy, use what I have, don't overspend, etc. ... I spent 47 quid on yarn that I 100% do not need (I have my office overflowing with craft supplies that I...um...ADHD at occasionally?), but I did get 40% off, so it was technically worth it."

    Reddit user u/Darkarba asked "What New Year’s resolution did you already break?"

    8. "To cut back on carbs and sugar, all I’ve eaten all day is potato chips and chocolate."

    9. "Going to bed early."

    10. "Having a better social life. ;-; I have people texting me, but I’m wasting my time posting on Reddit."

    Reddit user u/Th3_Accountant asked, "24 hours into 2023; which New Year's resolutions did you already fail?"

    11. "Friends surprised me with an all-you-can-eat dinner, and I already failed — dry January — diet plans — exercise plan — and I'm pretty sure I failed my promise not to eat frozen pizza."

    12. "Quitting smoking and doing my intoxicated annoying social phone calls."

    Reddit user u/Orangecuppa asked, "This is the second day of 2023. Is your New Year's resolution still alive or totally dead?"

    13. "My resolution is to drink sugar free/0 sugar drinks only for the year. And I just drank a regular Coke, so RIP."

    14. "One of my New Year's resolutions is to drink less alcohol. It's only the second day, and I have drank on both days."

    Reddit user u/big_rig77 asked, "We are nearly two weeks into 2023 — what was your New Year’s resolution, and how’s it going?"

    15. "To start dieting.Typing this while eating Nutella straight out the jar."

    16. "Drink more water. Not going well."

    17. "I want to read more. ... I haven't even picked a book."

    Reddit user u/TheTruth221 asked, "How is your New Year's resolution going now that we are halfway through the first month of 2023?"

    18. "Not great. Resolution was to ride the pushbike to work at least one day a week every week this year. Just got through the first week back at work, and already failed. At least I don't have to worry about it anymore..."

    19. "So far, not great. Been on holidays and go back to work next week. Hard to get into into a routine when it’s all going to change when going back to work. New year, new me starts next Monday, haha."

    It's not easy to keep resolutions, but there's always next year!