International Students, Share What Surprised You The Most About College Life In The US

    Was the American college life all the hype?

    America's college life has been depicted on TV for years and years. When I was younger, I watched college movies that showed how exciting and rewarding the whole experience seemed to be. Once I actually started college, it felt like another world. I gained not only knowledge but also friends that I would keep for a lifetime.

    Colleges are such a popular setting for movies and TV shows in America. People from other countries also watch a lot of it and they get an idea of what kind of environment it is. Sometimes it's what they expect, but other times, they'll be surprised.

    First of all, depending on the college you attend, the parties can be all the rage. Or maybe not.

    Secondly, you'll either make a lot of friends at college or you'll have a small tight-knit group.

    And lastly, those years could either be the best years of your life or the worst.

    I'm interested in what people abroad found interesting about studying at a college in America. To the BuzzFeed Community, please share your experiences in the comment section! Your responses might be featured in an upcoming post!