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A List Of Perfectly Good Mammals That Could've Been In Zootopia But Weren't

I weep for the Zootopia that could have been. The Zootopia in my mind.

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Look. I get it. Primates and apes are too humanoid. Marine mammals would be a logistical nightmare. Dogs and cats? For-get about it! But still. My heart hurts for these forgotten creatures, banished from the shimmering dreamscape of Zootopia.

5. A Fierce and Powerful Lynx!


Talk about your predators! This little guy would be the talk of Tundra Town (a region of Zootopia)! Just picture this fluffy beauty rendered in stunning CGI! PICTURE IT!

8. A Hyena


Picture this: Agent Judy Hopps and her trusty sidekick Nick Wilde have a lead on their case that takes them to a comedy club. And the audience? You guessed it. HYENAS! These gags write themselves, folks.

11. A Squirrel


In Zootopia, you can be anything you want to be. Even a squirrel. I am not sure why you'd want to be a squirrel but I'm not here to cast judgments. (Dream bigger, though. Dream bigger than squirrel.)

13. My Dog, Winnie

Rebecca Alter

I know I said "no dogs," but look at her. She would definitely be such a chill party animal in the world of Zootopia, walking around on her hind legs and, like, just living her best life. She'd probably wear a cool hat in Zootopia. I dunno. Disney robbed me of that dream when they didn't make Winnie, and all of these mammals, full-fledged citizens of Zootopia. For shame.

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