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The Definitive Ranking Of "Harry Potter" Characters By Penis Size

Not everyone can boast 9 and 3/4.

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*Please be aware that the measurements we are discussing here pertain to the penises in their erect (i.e. "turgid") state.*


13. Voldemort -- 2.2 inches

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Some attribute Lord Voldemort's capacity for profound evil to his never having known a mother's love. The majority attribute it to his dinky dong.

12. Harry Potter -- 2.2 inches

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Harry has a penis precisely the same size as Lord Voldemort's, and, of course, part of Harry's soul lay within Voldemort's penis, and vice versa. Neither could reproduce while the other penis was alive.

9. Fred Weasley -- 4.2 inches

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Yeah, none of the Weasleys were dealt a very strong hand in the dick department, let's be honest. Fred was always a bit bummed that his was a centimetre shorter than George's, but George always reassured his brother with: "What you lack in length, you more than make up for in girth."


7. Buckbeak -- 6.3 inches

Warner Bros.

Sounds sturdy, but actually, if you're a hippogriff who's bringing less than nine inches to the party, you're sadly not gonna be invited to all that many hippogriff orgies.

4. Rubeus Hagrid -- 11.2 inches

Warner Bros.

Don't clap too soon. He's a giant, Rubeus Hagrid. It would be alarming to see a schlong of anything less than 10 inches on him, wouldn't it? Imagine that; it would be like a Post-it pinned to a skyscraper.

2. Neville Longbottom -- 17.5 inches

Warner Bros.

How do you think Neville knew how to slay Nagini so bravely in the Battle of Hogwarts? He'd had a lot of practice with a big snake of his own. That's how.

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