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    How To Pull Off A Luxury Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchen renovations can often be one of the most difficult remodeling jobs when it comes to a house. This is because it's not only expensive, but also extremely time-consuming, and can put you out of a place to prepare and eat food for weeks. However, if done correctly a kitchen remodel will not only update the look of your house, but it can also increase the value of your home. You just need to make sure that you are creating a kitchen that is rooted in luxury to get the biggest return on your investment. In this article we will show you 4 different ways to pull off a successful kitchen renovation.

    1. Functionality is important

    In order to successfully pull off the kitchen renovation, you need to make sure that your design is based upon the functionality of the kitchen. Most luxury kitchens today have an open floor plan, which makes the space as a whole seem bigger. Also, brightly lit oversized center islands are predominantly preferred in order to have the most amount of workspace you can in a room that is also a gathering space. Storage is also important. Luxury kitchens have a clean and crisp feel to them. They achieve this by making sure there is enough space for all of their cooking utensils, as well as other food items that have a tendency to clutter up a kitchen.

    2. Get a good mix of trendy and timeless

    When it comes to replacing certain aspects of your kitchen such as, appliances, and countertops. You need to decide what you should keep timeless, and what can afford to go trendier. The reason you want a good mixture between the two. This is because trendy won’t always be trendy. And at some point you'll have to update. However, if you choose timeless you will be able to effortlessly flow through the changing seasons of trend.

    The best items to keep timeless are your cabinets and countertops. The reason we suggest to keep these pieces timeless is because they are expensive to replace, and they are the true hallmark of a luxury kitchen. So, go with a classic look for both the cabinetry and countertops. However, don’t skimp out on quality. In order to brand yourself as a luxury kitchen, high quality cabinets and countertops are a must.

    If you are looking for items to go trendier in certain aspects, look to your appliances. See what you can swing, and make them inline with today’s trends. Also, walls are another great way to incorporate more trends into your kitchen. For instance you can go with that funky wallpaper, crazy trending paint color, or something even more unique like faux stone panels. (Faux stone wall panels are panels that look like real stone, but a synthetic material that is resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture.) Whatever you decide, make sure it goes inline with your personal style.

    3. Luxury Doesn’t Equal Large

    Just because you have a giant kitchen doesn’t mean it’s a luxury kitchen. In fact, some of the most luxury kitchens are smaller in size. This is because it’s not about the amount of space, or open floor plan. Rather it’s about the quality of items that you will be using within your kitchen. Always remember, it’s quality over quantity.

    4. Know your kitchen ROI

    Basically, this boils down into one simple statement. Keep your renovation budged in proportion with your home’s total value. If you fail to do this, you will be setting yourself up to take a hit on your home’s overall ROI.

    Kitchen renovations, while exhausting, can be very exciting. Just make sure you have a well thought out plan, and implement these tips to create your own beautiful luxury kitchen.

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