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    We Salute This Four-Legged Veteran Who Served In Afghanistan

    Just in time for Veterans Day, we bring you this tale of an Army dog and the campaign to get him healthy and bring him home to a new family.

    This is Chacky the bomb dog.

    Here's Chacky with his human "coworker," Army Sergeant Josh Rachel.

    Eventually Man and Man's Best Friend bonded before their deployment to Afghanistan.

    After their time together, Josh wanted to try to adopt Chacky.

    In the meantime Chacky was building up his strength and working on getting healthy again.

    Chacky made some new friends while he awaited Josh's return from overseas.

    Here's Chacky with another family dog, grumpy old Jack.

    A nervous and excited Chacky was ready to greet Josh at the airport when he finally returned home in September.

    The family filmed the happy reunion of these two soldiers.

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    Josh is settling back into U.S. life and spending quality time with Chacky, who still has some lingering health problems. The family continues fundraising for Chacky to help pay for his ongoing healthcare.

    So how can you help?