18 Most Embarrassing Moments In Every Relationship

Love is patient, love is kind. And sometimes love is gross.

1. “He told us to bring him back here. He said he loved you right before he vomited all over the Foot Locker.”

2. “Sorry, I completely burnt dinner. You’re not worried about carcinogens, are you?”

3. “Just got back from the gym. Are you making popcorn or is that just my feet?”

4. “It’s a sign of respect in some cultures. Mmm, fajitas.”

5. “Don’t move a muscle. I’m gonna kiss you and I don’t want to miss. Bye!”

Via gph.is

6. “Last night was amazing. I’m still hot, right?”

7. “Sorry about that joke, I wasn’t calling you the ‘P’ word.”

8. “Doesn’t everyone wake up like this?”

9. “You’re looking at me like there’s something in my teeth.”

10. “Beans, why have you forsaken me? Sorry, honey, don’t look at me.”

Via gph.is

11. “How much teeth is too much teeth when we kiss?”

12. “I’m a little sensitive about my butt.”

13. “Morning, honey. You taste like onion-flavored gym socks.”

14. “Could have sworn this was the house I dropped her off at yesterday.”

15. “Eyes open or closed tonight?” “Always closed.”

16. “OK, so I might have gone a little crazy with the razor.”

Via amk.to

17. “Hey, baby. I’m having a little trouble with your toilet…”

18. “This is my first time.”

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