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Lost In Your Life? (in 5 Mins, Make Your Own Path To Success)

Lost in your life? here’s what you should focus on? To make your days more productive which gets you closer to your dreams.

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Often people ask me that ‘I am pumped up in life and I know that I have the ability to do something great in life, I am motivated enough to make the change but I don’t know where to start and what to do every day which takes me closer to my dreams’

I am never astonished by these questions because when I started out, I use to think about these dilemmas a lot and ponder all night over the dreams I have.

So I thought of writing this article to help everyone who is motivated to do something great in life but don’t know how to start.

in this article, I have listed action exercises (which you can complete in 5 mins) which I used to achieve milestones which ultimately contributes towards my dreams.

1. Discover the big three in 30 seconds:

95% of the success is developing clarity, be completely clear about what you want in first place. Most people never do this, they want many different things but no one thing in particular.

Write down your three most important goals in life right now? Write it down in 30 seconds or less. When you only have thirty seconds to write down your three most important goals in life, your answer would be as accurate as if you had thirty minutes or three hours. What are they?

2. Set a deadline (Goals are dreams with deadlines):

Only 3% adults have clear, written goals, rest everyone else works for them. Set a deadline, a deadline acts as a forcing system for your subconscious mind, from the time you write down your goal and set a deadline, you will be more motivated than ever to take the necessary steps to achieve it.

Remember there are no unrealistic goals, merely unrealistic

deadlines, so set a deadline carefully.

3. Make a list:

Write down everything you can think of that you could do to achieve these goals, respectively under Goal no.1 , goal no.2 and goal no.3, include the people , knowledge, actions and resources you will need keep adding until the list is complete.

As Henry Ford said, ‘any goal can be achieved if you break it down into enough small parts’.

4. Organize the list into plan:

The first way you organize the list is by sequence, a list of all steps one by one, that you will take to achieve the goal.

The second way you organize the list is by priority, what is more important and what is less important?

20% items on your list will account for 80% of your success.

5. Take action everyday:

Do something every day to move towards your most important goals, make a time table, follow the checklist, whatever at that time is the most important. Never miss a day, seven days a week. When you do something every day, you trigger the ‘momentum principal’ of success.

it may be hard to take the first step but once you get going towards your goal, it becomes easier and easier.

Action exercises:

1. Decide your most important top three goals and write it down.

2. Make a plan to achieve this goal, and then do something every day that moves you closer to it.

3.Write down a personal positive sentence in the present tense, as if it were already a reality

for example:

a. I earn this specific amount of money by this date.

b. I upload these many blogs/vlogs by this date.

Remember all of this won’t work until you do, so take action immediately on your plan, do something, do anything, take that first step.

As Einstein said, “nothing happens until something moves.” Nothing happens until you move as well.

Cheers, see you at the top,

Raj Shamani


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