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9 Places To Eat In Astoria For $10 Or Less

And it ain't salad. We're talking bomb-ass food for your broke ass, and mine.

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1. Halal Food at Just Combos - 21st Ave / Via NewY on Yelp

This is a step up from your traditional Halal cart food. For $8, you can get one of the best Chicken and Lamb over Rice that New York City has to offer. Did I mention that they have "squeeze your own" white sauce and hot sauce? A bed of yellow basmati rice, marinated dark meat chicken grilled with onions and peppers, lamb shaved right off of the spit, a side of salad and pickles... mmmm. Why do I live in the midwest?!

2. Artichoke Pizza at Artichoke Basille - Ditmars Blvd

INSIDER on Youtube / Via

Not your average slice of pizza. This is a whole meal in one slice. A big ass slice of pizza that has to be served on two plates, weighs as much as my cat, and has a texture that you've never experienced before from pizza. The bread is crusty and filling, but that sauce is everything. It's creamy, melt in your mouth, artichoke hearts in a cheesy white cream sauce. A dash of parm and some chili flakes and I think we should be good for the entire day. Best part - a slice and a soda will come up to around $5.

3. Sushi at Osaka Japanese Cuisine - Broadway

Osaka on Yelp / Via

Soup, salad, California roll and Chicken Teriyaki for $8? Yas. They also have a lunch special, 3 rolls for $10. You can choose from tuna, shrimp, yellow tail, crab and a whole bunch of other sea animals (that's what they're called, right?). Seriously though, where else can you find sushi that is not mediocre for less than $10?

4. Korean Fried Chicken at BonChon - Broadway

Bonchon / Via

Soy Garlic fried chicken. Oh so crunchy. Served with a side of pickled daikon for only $9. Bon-chon in Korean means side dishes, which is exactly what this restaurant serves. Everything on it's menu, from the Teokbukki (rice cakes in a spicy sauce) to Shrimp Shumai (Chinese shrimp dumplings) are considered side dishes at most Korean restaurants. The only downer - this place opens pretty late. However, it stays open late as well and serves dranks, including Korean beer.

5. Platters at King of Shawarma - Ditmars

John P / Via

Although there are 3 locations, the best one is their truck. Located on the corner of 31st and Ditmars near the Starbucks, it's a perfect meal to grab and go before a dreadful commute with MTA. They have many platters to choose from, ranging from $5 to $12. My favorite: The Omar Platter. For $9, you get a bed of rice, chicken shawarma, falafel and salad thats topped off with your choice of their version of white sauce, hot sauce and/or barbecue. There have been fights in my family over who's version of Chicken over Rice is better: King of Shawarma, Just Combos or the Halal Guy. Don't ask me. I'm a broke ass nursing student. I'll eat whatever.

6. Street Tacos at El Rey Del Taco Truck - Ditmars

Chris V on Yelp / Via

Open till 3am. Need I say more? Chicken Quesadilla for $6.50. Tacos for $3. Ho ma gah. They are juicy. So darn juicy. You will need extra napkins. Whether you are on your way home really late from work or trying to get food for your drunk ass before heading home, this place will do you justice. It's conveniently located in front of a CVS, and I am, without a single bit of shame, guilty of randomly buying tacos after a quick purchase of shaving cream and body lotion.

8. Fried Rice and Curry at 3E Thai - Steinway

Priya P on Yelp / Via

Between 11am and 4pm, 3E offers various fried rices and curries for only $8. My favorite, Topaz Fried Rice. Jasmine rice that is stir fried with vegetables, egg, a protein of your choice, seasoning sauce and the special ingredient - curry powder. Get it as spicy or as mild as you want. It's addicting.

9. Chicken & Hummus at Duzan Mediterranean Grill - Steinway

Shahreear N on Yelp / Via

Almost $10 for wholesome plate of deliciousness. Grilled Chicken that have been marinating in the spices and herbs from the Levant (know your geography people), and a choice of two sides. You can also opt out for Lamb Kofta. Sides you can choose from are salad, rice, hummus, fries and couscous. And for every order, you receive their "Steinway famous" bread. It's like a giant, fluffy but dense pancake. I'm salivating as I type of this.

There are so many more places I have left out because I have yet to try. Palace Fried Chicken, Chubby Burgers, Basil Brick Oven Pizza, and so many other gut busting places that will bring you happiness. Comment your favorite place to eat in Astoria, or even Queens in general!

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