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Why Comparing Energy Prices With Love Energy Savings Is A No Brainer!

Love Energy ethos is to make life easier, so the energy specialists will never let anything like that happen.

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It seems that one can hardly pick up the newspaper these days without reading about spiralling energy prices, energy efficiency and renewable energy issues. This, coupled with the fact that UK energy suppliers continue to record huge profits, has led to a huge amount of distrust from customers across the country and the regulator Ofgem has even seen fit to intervene and launch an inquiry. With this in mind, why are so many homes and businesses still not taking the prudent step and switching suppliers?

Specialist Energy Comparison Sites

Having embarked on some research of their own, Bolton based energy comparison site Love Energy Savings has discovered just why people in the UK aren’t comparing rates and getting moved to a cheaper tariff, and the findings are pretty interesting.

It isn’t because they don’t want cheaper rates, or because they feel loyal to their current supplier. A lot of the time it is because they simply don’t realise how quick and easy the process it, and what’s more; it’s free. Now customers can’t be blamed for being rather dubious of price comparison sites and the energy industry as a whole, but there really are good guys out there like Love Energy Savings who are committed to simply providing cheaper prices. The best bit? They will even get the business or household in question switched over for free as well!

No Hassle, Just Cheaper Energy

The very motto of the Love Energy Savings brand it’s to “Make a Difference By Making Your Life Easier”, and this applieswhether customers are looking for home or business energy comparison. These guys will not bombard customers with ‘salesy’ phone calls or emails and also only need the minimum amount of information to perform and energy comparison via their state of the art engine.

So, when you think that up to 70% of businesses are still paying far too much for their energy simply due to apathy regarding these specialist energy comparison sites, it just doesn’t seem right.

The Lights Won’t Go Out

Another startling discovery made by Love Energy Savings when looking into why so many people still don’t trust these services, which remember are completely free of charge, is that many people think that switching suppliers will result in a loss of power. This could not be further from the truth and comes much to the chagrin of all involved at the Bolton based firm.

All the gas and electricity suppliers in the UK use the same wires and cables, so there will never be a situation whereby a household or company is left without its all-important power. A dedicated account manager will always ensure that the switchover is done in the quickest time possible, to save the customer the maximum amount of cash.

Energy Resources

A final advantage of using the specialist energy comparison sites as opposed to scouring the market yourself or using a mainstream brand, is the quality of energy resources that are available. As well as boasting one of the easiest to use comparison engines on the web and of course the lowest prices, Love Energy Savings also have a renowned selection of energy resources. These come in the form of a News Centre which is added to daily and a plethora of Energy Guides which can help the customer to make an informed decision regarding their energy supply. They employ energy specialists and journalists to write these and they are all edited and invigilated in-house by Charles Whitworth, you can see more of his energy articles via his Google+ page.

So, the next time you pick your energy bill in dismay, why not take the prudent course of action and let the energy specialists save you a fortune?

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