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    • rajahf

      Not sleeping in strange places definitely depends on how free and independent you are in traveling during your semester/program abroad. During the school week we had great beds, but when traveling everyone in my program slept in train stations, on buses, airports, really anywhere we were when we got tired. Many of us were rushing to get where we wanted to go and trying not to stop needlessly/spend extra money, so we improvised and slept anywhere that was safe. Also, you never know what could go wrong. I slept in a phone booth for part of a night because of full hotels. It was okay though cuz I wandered over to a public house party and got free beer and hilarious company from a lot of intoxicated Germans.

    • rajahf

      Don’t just leave your passport in your room. Hide it well, but also make it really hard for you to forget. e.g. tuck it in/keep it with/ one of the shoes you want to wear tomorrow and put where it’ll be hard for anyone else to find. Leave the other shoe out so you will see it and remember the passport. Your passport is worth A LOT of money, so it’s safest tucked under your clothes in a special travel pouch or just really well hidden in your room. It isn’t hard to get into a person’s room, especially for the staff, so a passport on a bed is like offering early retirement.

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