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Nation’s Largest African American Museum Opening Soon


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The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture is opening this week and this is probably one of the few places where you can check out some kicks with President Obama’s face on it.

There are over 1,000 fashion items donated to @NMAAHC #HipHopEd

This history and culture are important facets of American history and these people are hardly recognized for their impact and influence on present day culture and society. This museum will be one of the largest recognitions and monuments of African American contributions and experiences in the nation.

People are loving that this story is not being separated from America’s story, but it is instead being viewed as an integral part of the overall history of United States.

love that homepage of @NMAAHC site says "A NATION'S STORY." ...bc black american history IS american history!

Visitors will have an intense and extensive educational experience while walking through the exhibitions.

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According to the Washington Post, this museum documents centuries of African American history through showcasing rare photographs and artifacts. This museum also shows that African American contributions to U.S. history will always be ongoing and this is shown by recognizing modern day politicians, activists, academics, and etc.

Many were already invited to view the museum before the official public opening on September 24. The NMAAHC is getting a lot of attention from prominent social justice activists, actors, writers, and artists.

Celebrating #APeoplesJourney with @ClintSmithIII @deray @FeministaJones @eveewing @fivefifths

The Freedom Sounds Festival, featuring Public Enemy, the Roots, and many more, will kick off the grand opening and thousands are planning to attend. #APeoplesJourney and #NMAAHC are now trending in honor of the opening.

Drive-by of @dadjaye 's new @NMAAHC ✨ by @ollywainwright #nmaahc #apeoplesjourney

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