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Top 8 Reasons Why Raising Cane's Employees Are Obsessed With Their Job

Another reason to love Raising Cane's!

Everyone knows that Raising Cane’s has amazing food, but did you know they have great jobs too? Check out what Kira S., an employee (AKA Crewmember) at Raising Cane's, has to say about working there.

A Raising Cane's meal

1. "Cane’s really cares about us. You see it in our culture everyday."

A group of Raising Cane's employees smiling and taking a selfie.

2. "Raising Cane’s is helping me pay for school — that’s cool."

Two Raising Cane's employees smiling for a photo.

3. "This started as a job and now I have a career in the restaurant industry."

A Raising Cane's employee talking on the phone.

4. "We love our local communities."

A Raising Cane's employee and dog at a Raising Cane's-sponsored dog park.

5. "I am able to be myself at Raising Cane’s and I love that."

A Raising Cane's employee smiling in the take out window.

6. "Working at Cane’s really doesn’t feel like work. I’m wearing comfortable clothes, listening to music I like, and I’m with my friends."

Raising Cane's employees dancing in a store.

7. "We’re growing restaurants all over the world."

People waiting at the counter at a Raising Cane's restaurant.

8. "We are one big family."

A company photo at a Raising Cane's

Ready to join the team? Click here to learn more about Raising Cane's employment opportunities near you!