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Which AU 3 Year Scholar Are You????

Public Health? Glo Scho? Or PPL?

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  1. At a protest, who are you?

    The one with a megaphone
    The one with a creative sign
    The one making sure everyone stays hydrated
    I organized it
    The one who accidentally joined
  2. How well do you handle stress?

    Stress so much and talk about it a lot until you do it at the last final second
    Umm EAT
    Laugh it off while simultaneously crying
    I create a schedule for my week...what's stress?
    My assignment is gonna be late, I accepted that
  3. Where do you want to travel?

    Everywhere, is that a joke?
    I have things I need to get done in these great United States
    Somewhere I can help
    Wall Street.
    Anywhere my boss sends me
  4. You have a lump or bump, what do you do?

    Go to Public Health
    Go to Public Health
    I'm an adult, I handle it myself
    Lump or Bump? Sickness is for the weak.
    Go to Public Health
  5. If you were an animal what would you be?

    An Eagle
    A Unicorn
    A Cat
    A Dog
    A Dolphin
  6. Pick a time for class

    8:10 rise & grind
    8:20 pm
  7. Which pick up line are you most likely to choose?

    "Wow are you world peace? Cuz I dream of you every night."
    "You must be the Bill of Rights cuz between you and me this couldn't be a more perfect union"
    "Damn! Are you attractive or is that just you're immune system?"
    "I would be happy to be your human resource"
    "Hey :)"
  8. Fave Study Spot

    Sky Lounge
    Library of Congress
    One of my 3 paid internships
    SIS building
  9. When do you finally charge your computer?

    at 3%
    at 1%
    at 50%
    charge? ? I get charged ⚡️from these bills ? you don't know ? what I know ?
    at 70%
  10. If you were a character from friends, which one would you be?


Which AU 3 Year Scholar Are You????

You got: PPL

WoW! You really love telling people everything you are up to and how exactly you plan on achieving it! Are you going to be the president one day or what?!

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You got: Glo Scho

Whether you're interested in National Security, Conflict Resolution, or Foreign aim high! Just keep working because your work is truly never done but aren't you just a little dreamer!!

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You got: Public Health

You should be in Grey's Anatomy with how many lives you've saved during the Freshmen Plague! However, sometimes y'all are a little concerning as well with the mass group panics- just keep grinding! Mental health is important...right?

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You got: Transfer to Kogod

...who even are you???

Transfer to Kogod
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