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Weird Wines

Wine. It Seems Like Such A Mature Choice Of Drink. But Some Of These May Blow Your Mind As Well As Your Perception Of Wine!

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Then add some herbs etc. Then allow to ferment for months. The venom of the snake gets dissolved in the wine and is inactivated by the ethanol. So they aren't dangerous to drink.

13. The Wine Spa (Japan)


"A unique spa containing real red wine. Bathing in wine is a rejuvenation treatment for the body, and it has been said that the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra loved to bath in wine. There are regular performances of pouring real wine into the spa a few times a day."



"Nurse yourself - and your favorite beverage - in a red wine pool in the shadow of Mt. Fuji." (Ya~ I'm going to let my kids marinate soak in a great vat of wine. What a waste of wine!).

15. The Wine Clip


The wine clip ($29) is a magnet that you attach to the neck of the bottle. Manufacturer EA Magnetics claims that the clip "re-aligns the molecules" in the wine, making it smoother and less tannic.

16. Costa Brava Pneumatic Corkscrew


"This wine opener ($140) uses a stainless steel needle to pierce the cork. Pump the wooden handle of the corkscrew about four times to push air into the space between the wine and the cork. The air pressure ultimately causes the cork to release." Bonus: It's a classy potential weapon. What? Just sayin'....

19. Wine Painting

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"This retiree paints landscapes of the region of Bordeaux." He paints Bordeaux with Bordeaux... How apropos.

20. The Wine Bottle Lock!


The $25 wine bottle lock is an expandable cap for pretty much any bottle of alcohol. If your kid (or roommate) doesn't have the 4-digit code, they'd need to manually search through 10,000 combinations to find the right one, making it stealing your booze extremely difficult.

23. Wine Porn


For those who enjoy "wine porn" , this Australian wine by Alice White is sold by mega-booze firm Constellation in China. The tasting notes on the back label provide a description that sounds fit for B-grade porn flick.

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