The Best Of Burger Art

How Much Do You Love Hamburgers? Do You Dream About Them? Do You See Them Everywhere You Look? Well, Check Out These Versions Of Hamburgers And See Which Ones Flip Yer Patty!

1. Condiment Burger

2. Recyclable Burger (Made Out Of Various Bags)

3. Spaghetti Burger

4. Leaf Burger

5. Pacman Burger

6. ASCII Burger

7. Shirt Burger

8. Cat Burger

9. Pudding Burger

10. Burger Cake

11. Jesus Burger

12. French Fry Burger

13. TMNT Burger

14. Duct Tape Burger

15. Bacon Bits Burger

16. Staples Burger

17. Macaroni Burger

18. Twist Tie Burger

19. Lisa Simpson (Veggie) Burger

20. Aluminum Burger

21. Celery Burger (This is wrong on so many levels)

22. Lip Burger

23. Marshmallow Peeps Burger

24. Paper Cranes Burger

25. Popsicle Sticks Burger

26. Goldfish Crackers Burger

27. Knuckle Burger

28. Bacon And Eggs Burger

29. PB&J Burger

30. Tool Burger

31. Stool Burger (Insert Joke Here ________________)

32. Crochet Burger

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