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These Reaction Vines Are The Perfect Responses To Every Situation

When you find the perfect Vine to describe your reaction #celebratoryheadbang

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Reaction GIFs are excellent things – short, to the point ways of giving your response to something without needing to use any words. But what about those times when you need something with a little more impact? Check out this gallery of Vines that will perfectly sum up your response to any situation in six seconds or fewer.

1. When you find out that someone’s been bitching behind your back: / Via

2. When you can’t quite believe what you just heard:

Reaction vines / Via

3. When someone does a very, very clever thing:

Reaction vines / Via

Otherwise known as “the extended slow clap”.

4. When you just can’t contain your delight:

heatworld / Via


5. Or when something makes you jump for joy:

Funnies / Via

6. For those times when you’re laughing so hard you almost choke:


7. When you’re rendered speechless by your own greatness:

heatworld / Via

8. When you can’t quite hold back the tears:

Matt Budjenska / Via

I’m not crying, you’re cry- okay, we’re both crying.

9. For those times when you just don’t give a damn:

Reggie COUZ / Via

Sing it with me.

10. And finally… for that one person who still won’t stop asking you about The Dress:

Greatest Reactions / Via

And you have no doubt that she would do it.

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