Your wedding is your big day. The guests are there to celebrate YOUR union. So why not make it you-themed? Here are some fun ideas to make your Big Gay Wedding Day unique and memorable for everyone!

1. Take wedding photos where you went on your first date

You can even juxtapose them with the photos from your actual first date, if you have them. This can be a great way to relive that memory and contemplate how far both of you have come since then.

2. Recreate your favorite era at your wedding

Recreate your favorite era for your wedding, and take your guests on a journey to The Roaring 20s, Ancient Rome or Medieval France. Now you can finally marry your prince charming!

3. Have a full-on rainbow wedding

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No need to settle for the boring black-and-white thing. Have every color of the pride flag as your wedding theme!

4. Or go for small rainbow accents

Equalli / Via equalli.com

Ok, so your wedding doesn’t have to look like a pride parade. But having a gay wedding is a big equality win for the LGBT community! So why not show your pride with something small like a rainbow tie or a pair of classy rainbow wedding rings?

5. Be a superhero

Wear superhero costumes under your suits and keep your masks hidden under your tables or in a box. Then reveal your true identities together at an agreed-upon moment. This is a great idea for a wedding flash mob!

6. Marry your super villain

7. Express your cultural heritage in your wedding

8. …Even if you are the first gay grooms doing it!

History is being made every day

9. Create a family tree with photos

This is sure to get your relatives to remember and share their own stories!

10. Put your fingerprints on the wedding invitations

Create literally unique wedding invitations by using your and your partner’s fingerprints. Not too many ways to make these more personal! This is a also great DIY idea, as it can be a fun experience for you and your groom-to-be to craft together and get covered in ink (which may warrant a bath together afterwards)!

11. Or on the rings!

12. Make a wish with a giant floating lantern

13. Take funny pictures with the groomsmen

14. Have lots of fun games at your wedding

A wedding don’t have to be just about a yawn-worthy ceremony and a blackout-drunk party. Make your wedding fun and memorable by including some games in it! These can be your favorite childhood games, board games, and of course drinking games.

15. How about a hula hoop contest?

16. Or set up a funhouse

17. Ask your guests to Instagram it all

What better way to get hilarious & cute candid photos of everyone at the wedding than to encourage the guests to whip out their phones, snap some photos, slap on a filter, and put them all over the internet? You can later put all the Instagrams together into a photo album.

18. And finally, be yourself!

There are many wedding traditions, and some people choose to follow them. But remember, it’s always optional. As a gay couple, your marriage is already non-traditional, so you have a fantastic opportunity to do whatever you like!

Tell your story. Make the ceremony fun and unique. Because in the end, it’s just your love and your memories that matter.

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