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    Your wedding is your big day. The guests are there to celebrate YOUR union. So why not make it you-themed? Here are some fun ideas to make your Big Gay Wedding Day unique and memorable for everyone!

    Take wedding photos where you went on your first date

    Recreate your favorite era at your wedding

    Have a full-on rainbow wedding

    Or go for small rainbow accents

    Be a superhero

    Marry your super villain

    Express your cultural heritage in your wedding

    ...Even if you are the first gay grooms doing it!

    Create a family tree with photos

    Put your fingerprints on the wedding invitations

    Or on the rings!

    Make a wish with a giant floating lantern

    Take funny pictures with the groomsmen

    Have lots of fun games at your wedding

    How about a hula hoop contest?

    Or set up a funhouse

    Ask your guests to Instagram it all

    And finally, be yourself!