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Why I Love Living With Freshman

The ups and downs of RA life and why I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Raianne Mason

I’ve been asked a lot why I would want to be an RA (Residental Assistant for those who aren’t a fan of abbreviations). Don’t you have to stay up late? Every night. Don’t you ever get tired? All the time. Don’t you have to live in a freshman dorm? Yup. Aren’t freshman crazy? Absolutely.

I get asked a lot of questions: How do I use the laundry machines? Where are the laundry machines? We have laundry machines? Yes. Please wash your clothes. A lot of crazy things happen when you live with freshman.

7 A.M. on a Saturday morning I hear a knock at my door. “Raianne? One of my suitemates alarms is going off and they left for the weekend and locked the bathroom door. Can you go turn it off?” yuhmph (early morning talk for yup). “Raianne, today I caught a mug cake and my popcorn on fire, but don’t worry they were small contained fires.” What!? Be careful! “Hey Raianne, two things: 1. My roommate is having an allergic reaction to the honey in my mom’s granola 2. My mom sent some granola, you want some?” Is she okay!? And actually yeah I would like some.

It’s a crazy life. A lot of people couldn’t do it. But I love it. Are there hard nights? Yes. Sometimes I walk into a room and one of my girls is crying. And let me tell you, it takes everything in my power to keep from going full momma bear on some stupid freshman boys that only think with their...lets just say I love my girls. A lot. They are my babies, and it hurts me to see them hurt. Life is hard and it isn’t always nice to them.

But even through all this craziness it’s absolutely worth it to be an RA. Every night I get to walk into their rooms and hear about their days. The good, the bad and the “what do you mean a squirrel almost attacked you?” I get to see them grow and make friends and meet cute boys—some of which are bad news, but hey no boy will ever be good enough for my babies. I get to be there for the exciting times in their lives and get to comfort them through the rough ones.

And they in turn, take care of me. Today, I was having a bad day. My boyfriend and I had had a fight, I was tired because I didn’t go to bed until 2 A.M., I wasn’t feeling too hot because I’m recovering from being sick and I was just worn down. Then I checked my mail. Two of my girls had sent me a card that had donuts on the cover and inside it said “donut know what we’d do without the cutest RA!” and it made my day. Then one of my girls had put up a colored picture of Princess Leia for me to find at room check with a little note just for me.

My girls have blessed me beyond belief. They wave at me every time they see me on campus and want to invest in me as well. When I was sick they made a point to ask how I was feeling and check up on me. They give me food, leave me notes and sometimes candy on their doors. They frame their health and safety sheets and display them in their rooms (I’m just glad that they are clean for health and safety). They tack the little notes I write them on their mirrors. One of my girls gave me a beautiful journal and homemade hair ties and another wrote me an encouraging thank you note.

The first week two of my girls asked to pray over me for the year and I nearly cried. I pray for my girls every night, I have since before I even knew their names, but there was something special about having them pray over me. They didn’t even know me yet, and they wanted to love on me. My girls bless me so much more than I could ever asked for. In fact, I would have never written this blog if it wasn’t for one of my girls inspiring me by stepping out and writing one herself.

I love being an RA. I love my girls. I love getting to be there for them and encourage them and love on them. Sometimes it’s crazy. Sometimes I never sleep. Sometimes I have to hold girls while they cry. But I love it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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