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The Best Sights You Must Capture On Your Amsterdam Trip

If photography is your sole aim to explore the beautiful places in Amsterdam, you should collect the essential information about the scenic spots of Amsterdam.

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I Amsterdam Letters

This is the place you can't ignore on your Amsterdam trip. The large I Amsterdam Letters, a city's icon is located behind the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein. You can't miss this opportunity to capture these iconic letters so that you can get a wide variety of colorful photographic memories.

Royal Palace

When you are looking for a chance to capture a well-maintained class of the Dutch royal family, let's have a tour to the Royal Palace on Dam Square. This is one of the top attractions in Amsterdam which was built between 1648 and 1665 that stands on 13,659 wooden piles to counter the soft soil of Amsterdam.

Capture the enigmatic charm of Atlas, perching atop the palace by holding 1000kgs weight of the world on his shoulders. Set your camera at the Dam Square to cover the best features.

Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge)

The most attractive wooden drawbridge was once so narrow, that's why it was also called as Skinny Bridge. In 1871, a wider bridge was replaced with the narrow bridge to cope with increasing traffic. This charmingly beautiful place was hugely popular among photographers and couples so you would love to capture thousands of lights illuminating romantically.

Public Library of Amsterdam

Just take a short walk from Central Station to reach the Amsterdam Public Library which is located on Oosterdok Island. This is the largest library in Netherlands with a surface area of 28,000m2 and 25km of bookshelves. Make this spacious towering structure memorable throughout your life by exploring the terrace area with a fantastic outlook.

Reguliersgracht (Seven Bridges)

Amsterdam is also known as the city of bridges. You can capture the city's beauty whether by standing atop on a bridge or on a boat passing under them. If searching a distinctive city sight to capture in your camera, no stretch as special as the Reguliersgracht. The seven arched brick bridges can be seen in the close proximity so the photographers can grab a different way of taking a close shot of the bridges after bridges.

Science Center NEMO

If you have just heard about the largest science center in the Netherlands, go for exploring the NEMO, the imposing green building. You will find the most impressive feats of modern architecture just down the road from Central Station. A huge sloping roof terrace looks like a piazza. This is not only like a museum for visitors, it also offers a spectacular view over the city that can be captured at any time.

Most Popular Church Towers

If you are looking for the unique photographic shots within the city center, do not overlook the charm and appeal of three of the city's most famous churches. Tourists can get an opportunity to learn about the history of these churches, capture the climb and then finish with amazing rooftop portraits of the surrounding of neighborhoods.

From concerts, galleries and museums to the city's famous boat trips there is plenty of free stuff to enjoy in Amsterdam. If you plan to explore most of the places you would have ever dreamed of exploring before, don't forget to count these 5 free things to do in Amsterdam.

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