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What Does It Take To Haunt Someone On Halloween?

Darksoul Theatre author and awarded performance artist, Mikhail Tank (also known as Sir. Tank) wants to know, what does it take to haunt someone on Halloween.

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He's traveled to Transylvania and stayed there during All Soul's Day in 2011, enjoyed attendance at the Playboy Mansion Halloween party a year earlier, and in 2016 released a first of its kind #HALLOWEEN music album, simply titled Happy Halloween (in conjunction with music producer, Brett Bibles).

This year, on October 31st, 2017 Tank releases a new single, titled I Will Haunt You Nicely. "This track is a spiritual message. A way to relay future non-verbal communications via a recording device, the way I believe some souls would wish to express their soul's inner testament." The track, unlike most of Tank's works, which are polished and produced, was recorded on a mini recorder at 3 am, from a dream state, with no editing or fine-tuning, a first raw cut.

The haunting spoken word single will be released worldwide via The Orchard, a Sony company, on Halloween 2017.

For more information about Sir. Tank, including passages and images from the above mentioned experiences, visit his site: and follow him on social media @mikhailtank

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