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The Importance Of SEO & User Interface Goals For Mobile Users

Google’s mobile improvements made all websites become mobile friendly, benefitting those who were already so with a bump in SEO results.

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Google chose this route because half of the traffic is based from mobile devices, as they are on-the-go and people are never sitting in one place for a quick search. Today, all websites are made for mobile for two reasons: receiving a high search engine rank and improved customer service. If a website can’t give you satisfaction, they won’t improve on search engine engagement for the client. SEO & Interface are highly important because of a mobile’s small size and processing which can either make or break a website because it is not programmed to be on a tablet or phone.

Users use their phone or tablet differently than a computer. They need things fast anywhere they go. They don’t need to zoom in or find the UI be faulty. Or, that the webpage can only be seen horizontally rather than vertically, which is also a pain. So, there’s the loading time issue and the viewing issue. Studies have shown people will be a customer most likely through the use of a tablet or phone. All they need to do is look at statistics about their site to judge. When making a user interface, developers should think on how users work with their devices and how they hold it. Look at a website that has already conquered the mobile-friendly zone and see how they got it right.

Ask some questions. First, where will the menu options be set on the user interface and does it align itself perfectly with the noted “call to action?” Second, is it easy to email and call the business? Third, is it difficult to search for the form to fill out the information on the website? Fourth, how much scrolling is there on the mobile site (because the more scrolling, the more we hate it)? What about a user’s hands? Will they cramp? (Yes, that is legitimate.) And, finally, does the site load quickly and process? Think about that carefully and figure a way to make the website better with its UI.

For a high rate of visitors, make sure that users don’t need to zoom and that links are spaced and visible for simplification. A site’s UI should be parallel with the main objective to let visitors see videos, pictures, and read any information in one place. The website must be intuitive, simplified, quick, and manageable to take in millions and millions of incoming traffic at a time. For the highest SEO standing among mobile users, instant messaging must be applicable for them and their interface designers with an important client connection.

Phone and tablets have adapted to technology that is always updating and making ways to improve people’s use of the pay, how they do research, how they get around and how we connect to others via the Internet. People expect that best in terms of researching. No one wants delays to happen when they have the power and signal on their phone to do the research. All websites need to be useful on the road and still be found on Google.

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