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Stage Dark Comedy Shows And A Few Misconceptions Linked With Them

Everyone needs a laugh these days. And there are few better ways to put a smile on your face and forget the troubles of the world than at a comedy show. Comedy shows at bars and hotels are an affordable means of entertainment for people as well as an inexpensive way for the owners of these establishments to fill the house.

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But how do bar and hotel owners-as well as the comedians themselves-promote the shows? People aren't going out as often as they were five or 10 years ago, so in-house advertising isn't necessarily going to do the trick. And with their shrinking space and circulation, newspapers aren't nearly as effective a medium as they once were.

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Indeed, starting and maintaining email marketing campaigns for comedy shows is not only easy but also one of the most economical and logical ways of promoting comedians and their performances. Comedians can hold "meet and greets" after shows in which attendees can submit their email addresses. And club/hotel owners can hand out index card-sized questionnaires asking patrons what they thought of the evening and requesting their email addresses. Such interaction makes the experience a bit more personal for those in attendance and also ensures they'll open emails from the comedian and/or establishment.

And why wouldn't they? A lot of information can be included in a single email, such as a biography of the comedian(s), information about the place that hosted the show (i.e. listing the famous comedians who have performed there previously), a calendar of events for the comedian and/or the restaurant/hotel, clips of the comedians doing their stand-up acts and links to all pertinent websites.

Best of all, email marketing for comedy shows can easily be shared by those who receive the messages. The email marketing software allows for messages to be forwarded with all the text and links intact. So if a recipient thinks a friend will like the show, or wants to invite someone to the show, he or she can just send it along to that person.

The software necessary for these programs is as affordable as it is easy to operate, which is vital considering that bars and hotels are operating on threadbare budgets these days, comedians have even less money to spend on promotional efforts and neither can afford a giant expense or to hire someone to handle email marketing for comedy shows or other events. And the minimal amount of time needed to input addresses or manage and update the software leaves comedians more time to work on their material and those who operate the bars and hotels more time to tend to other parts of the business.

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