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Fun Indoor Activities In New York City

Straight from the plane all fresh from a family weekend, I am stomping around the streets of NYC. I have no doubt in my mind I want to do it again. I'm ready to go back again! NYC just does it for me!

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NYC Escape Entertainment

My favorite mode of transportation is definitely my feet, as I get very taxi-sick. I love to find spontaneous cool-spots as I'm walking. But the subway also works for those longer treks, when there's a time constraint or high-heels involved. I love that NYC is filled with culture, great architecture; mammoth bridges, diverse history, and of course, loads of entertainment. One thing that I especially love is that you can find any type of food you want, affordably - anywhere. I've had an Italian sandwich at a local corner store that I could equate to my 5-star meal by a fancy chef!

Where to Stay:

With a million options to choose from, it comes down to finding a chic spot with the right price and perfect location. Where do you want to be? For me, when traveling with my family, I prefer to be close to the action. Think near Central Park, Hell’s Kitchen, Times Square etc.. But if it's a cool trip with the hubby and friends, I'm heading downtown to Tribeca, SoHo or the Bowery. If I'm in the city for a few days with great weather, I may head over to Brooklyn and experience something a little fresher.

New York City has the best options to bring your date to in terms of Live Entertainment. The upside of being in a city with 24-hour public transportation means that you must take full advantage of live entertainment options. Below is a list of ideas for entertainment options that you and your date can go to have loads of fun!

1) Escape Rooms

For game lovers, one of the best parts of playing a game is the adventure and thrill that come with the experience. Escape Entertainment offers this and more with their various award winning Escape the Room Games such as Alien Attack, Manhattan Mayhem and Prohibition Pandemonium. These games, developed by renowned professional game designers and Broadway and Hollywood set designers, are fun-filled and adrenaline-pumpers as they require the players to work together to escape from a room amid a lot of chaos and puzzling scenarios within a limited amount of time.

2) Jazz Entertainment/Cabaret Show

New York City has always had a vibrant Jazz history. There are many options to choose; from a dinner and a show, just a show and some drinks. These are just some of the various ways to enjoy all that this city has to offer in terms of entertaining the soul!

3) Concerts

It would be unimaginable to mention live entertainment without saying anything about concerts. New York City has several concerts DAILY that not being able to attend one would be unfathomable! Concerts range from the awe inspiring venues like Madison Square Garden and the Barclay's Center to smaller venues like places in Williamsburg and Bushwick. There is sure to be a concert experience for you both to enjoy in NYC.

4) Theatre

Whether you decide to go with the Off-Broadway option or the Broadway route you will not be disappointed by any theatre show that this city has to offer. Going to see a production in the Theatre District of New York City is a rite of passage. Go forth and watch headliners like Wicked and The Lion King or lesser known shows like The Other Place or Sleep No More.

5) Opera/Ballet/Orchestra

Culturally, New York City has an endless amount of educational possibilities to soak in from museums and galleries to opera and ballet. With all of the other things to do in the city these can easily get shoved aside.

For guys especially if you decide you want to take your date to see a fun live entertainment then this would be it. Of course at the end of your appointment, have fun checking out various restaurants and bars in the area!

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