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HTML5 Is The Future Of Online Games

The idea of having your favorite HTML5 game with you where ever you go is a fantasy for many many people.

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Now with addition of free mobile games, you can have your arcade with you every where. Many times you only are required to download the game once and play it anywhere without the need to have internet connection.

The reason is that HTML5 games are normally free and don't cost you a cent. This is considered the best part to most gamers. Meramaal's Free online games are normally free. There may be a handful that cost a dollar or so but those games tend to be more advanced. The fact that you have the choice of millions of free mobile games is amazing. This means your personal arcade can be massive.

The reason is that there are a wider range of games to play online then ever before. There are tons of free arcade games online. Plus more games are added daily to fill every possible gaming need you have. The possibilities are basically endless.

The reason is that it's simply just more fun and much easier than any other option. Why spend money on flash games when HTML5 games provide the same quality of entertainment without the added stress or expense. You don't need to sacrifice fun any longer because free mobile games are much more fun to play any way.

Here are some more points about why HTML5 is better than flash:

- new technology

- faster

- multi-platform

- support apple devices

- still evolving

- no additional player needed (e.g. flash player)

- no download required

- required HTML5 supported browsers

There is quite a bit of talk about HTML5 possibly replacing flash in the near future. There are already compatibility plugins in certain browsers like Chrome that show what the internet could be like without the Flash plugin on certain sites. Many video sites will make a transition away from the Flash technologies and have other streaming formats especially for devices like cell phones that can not run Flash technology. But what will happen to Flash games? Can these be run under HTML5?

Flash gaming will not work without the Flash plugin. There are tens of thousands of great games that will not work under HTML5. The changes aren't meant to run Flash software but to transition from the plugin. In order to play these games a Flash plugin will still be required. Even if Flash isn't depended on as much it will still be available for download.

But for casual gamers who enjoy playing these browser based games, there are still options. Adobe isn't going to stop making the Flash plugin so you can still play the games that you enjoy. Secondly, there will be HTML5 games that work just about the same way since the technology is fairly similar.

One huge market that will drive HTML5 browser gaming are portable devices like cell phones. Whatever device that has an HTML5 compatible browser which will be most cell phones, will be able to play these browser based games. At the present time Flash is a bit too resource hungry to work on portable devices but HTML5 is a possibility on these lower powered machines. Flash or not, the concept of simple browser games will still always be around.

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