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How To Build A Social Media Presence From Scratch

The Dallas based firm Bezel Marketing officially opened their doors back in January 2017. Since then, there’s been a lot buzz on the growth of Bezel and where the company is headed. We reached out to Daniel Ghebrihiwet and asked for some suggestive pointers on how businesses can build a social media following from scratch. Here’s what he had to say:

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If you’re a business owner, having a social media presence is a must.

When you’re trying to grow your personal social media page(s), it can become very frustrating. We’ve all been there, most of us give up eventually. When it comes to business, giving up isn’t an option. Having an active following on social media can make or break the success of many businesses today. Knowing this, it’s critical that you reconsider the amount of time and money invested in these social media platforms.

Your potential customers are active on social media.

It’s never too late to enter the social media race. With so many potential customers actively using social media, it’s critical you learn how to be at the forefront of their minds. On top of that, you can also build and grow relationships with new clients via content and other enticing things a potential customer could view. Here’s how you can lay the foundation to an effective social media presence.

⦁ Find the platform(s) that work best for your business.

With the various social media platforms out there (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Tumblr are just some of the mediums), it’s critical you find out the purpose behind each platform and see if it works with your business. The good news is, you don’t really ‘need’ to be on all these sites. Spreading your resources on all these platforms can in fact be counterproductive and inefficient!

It’s best you start with 2-3 of these platforms and grow comfortable. You can always expand your profiles at a later time.

2. Craft your business profiles

Nutella's brand imagery is front and center

You showed up, and made an account. Good job, but you're not done just yet. Having a business page can be extremely powerful. Consider this an opportunity to strengthen your brand & communicate who you are. Make sure your profile picture and cover image is consistent with what your brand is about. Note: low resolution pictures are a big no-no.

Make sure your biography is completed with a short description. Make sure you also fill out the contact information.

Social media counts towards your SEO search ranking, so this is another golden opportunity to get keywords next to your business name on search engines.

Informative and engaging profiles tell social browsers who visit your page(s) that you mean business, and you've got something worth their time. Make sure you never slack on this bit.

3. Share with your audience

It’s easy to buy fake followers these days. It’s critical you don't do this, it’ll come back to bite you when you least expect it. Not only is it inauthentic, it's also completely unnecessary. If you’re producing engaging content that your market enjoys, your followers will grow organically and you'll also get engagement too.

Content is the currency of social media, so you haven’t figured a strategy for content creation, reference this next bit. Here are some suggestions:

⦁Attach a blog to your website, & write helpful articles related to your niche - you can hire writers to help you with this job. Even reposting articles can help.

⦁Commission white papers that reflect the state of your industry

⦁On heavily visual networks like Instagram and Pinterest, infographics are a proven strategy

Key Tip:  Always give (content) to your audience. They’ll have a good reason to stick around.

The quality of your content reflects on your company. It’s best you don't create content for the sake of it. Put your energy into growing and maintaining relevant platforms to avoid seeming like someone who isn't committed to their business.

The quality of your content reflects on your company. It’s best you don't create content for the sake of it. Put your energy into growing and maintaining relevant platforms to avoid seeming like someone who isn't committed to their business.

Nutella shares content featuring their own product to encourage interaction

Before your page grows, you need a small initial following. Start by:

⦁Sharing your page with people in your social circle

⦁Share it with existing customers by email

⦁If you're on Facebook, join relevant Facebook groups, and share page content there

⦁On sites with tags (like Instagram and Twitter), adding useful tags will help you get discovered

Once you've started the race, your followers will grow organically & you'll know that people are there because they will be genuinely interested in you and your content.

4. Make sure you post consistently

You’ve seen it at least once... A nice, attractive page, a few posts bubbling with excitement about a new business, and then... nothing.

Nothing but a screen-based version of an awkward silence. Think tumbleweeds & crickets floating across your screen as people wonder where the rest of your content is. The last post was 40 weeks ago and your customers – (protip: the people with money to give you) - have no idea if you're even still in business.

Until you've built up a loyal following, you’ll need to post regularly & consistently. This might be once a week, or it might even be once or more per day. How often you post depends on the nature of your business & your market, but the key is consistency.

Unless you have a dedicated social media manager, uploading content on the fly hardly ever works. You're a busy person & social media will always get pushed to the bottom of the pile. Spend some time scheduling content to make sure your reach is constant. Your followers know what they can expect from you.

5. Offer incentives to engaging users

Most consumers have a have a ‘what's in it for me' approach. If your immediate friends and family have liked and shared your page, it can be helpful to devise incentive-based offers to create a traffic boon.

Offer goods to your audience! Your potential audience loves things such as discount vouchers, a free product, or entry into a competition for sharing a post which will extend your reach.

Always check with your platform owner as restrictions can apply to competitions, and you need to make sure your posts always sit within their guidelines.

6. Respond to engagement

Your page(s) should have a welcoming feel where viewers enjoy viewing content, express their opinions, and feel included. Always acknowledge people who respond to your content.

Tag people in comments, & like/reply to reviews and posts on your page. Yes, even the negative ones.

Social Media gives you a great opportunity to create strong relationships with your market & put yourself at the forefront of their minds. As your followers see this engagement more over time, they're more likely to pop over and follow you. This process steadily builds your audience organically over time.

7. Analytics is your best friend

Most platforms provide free analytics which you could utilize. Seeing the numbers and ROI for your actions could tell you what is and isn’t working. Posting the wrong content at the wrong time for the wrong audience will bring you to a roadblock in terms of growth. Useful metrics to pay attention to include, but are not limited to:

⦁The number of reactions/shares/comments on a post

⦁Period(s) of time your followers are most active

⦁How many clicks a link received

⦁Demographics of your audience: age, location, sex, interests

With this information, you could build a better social media strategy while simultaneously boosting your marketing efforts. It’s simple, if you pay attention to people, they’ll pay attention to you.


The process of building a social media presence can be a slow process, but there’s always a snowball effect. Plan a seed and reap what you sow. With consistency and effort, an active social media presence is well worth the benefits. It will help your business in many ways, so use the outline above to devise a strategy you can commit to.

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