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How Private Investigators Get Their Information

Nearly, all experienced private investigators have access to proprietary databases that the public does not have

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Online databases occasionally provide accurate database information, but more often than not they do not because they fail to update their databases. All too often, the public pays for inexpensive online background checks only to find out that it was inaccurate. To know how to decipher the massive amounts of data accumulated by a private investigator takes years of experience. The private investigator must also know how to present the data to a client in a manner which is understandable to a layperson. The key to analyzing raw data is knowing how to read between the lines so to speak and to not be misled by inaccurate dates and other erroneous data. Professional, experienced private investigators should always include a waiver when presenting data reporting to their client. Here is a sample;

The confidential and privileged information contained in this report is from sources believed to be reliable. It should be handled responsibly and in accordance with the law of New York and California and it should be used for your case research only. Worldwide Intelligence Network makes no guarantee of, and shall not be held liable for any information provided to them from confidential or database sources.

The Private Investigator and Social Media

Social media presents a hotbed of intelligence for private investigators if they devote the time to learn how to dissect the vast wealth of information available that inevitably assist them in acquiring vital information to aid in their investigations. Social media is a phenomenon that keeps on growing exponentially with the world’s population. It is factual that millions of individuals share their personal life experiences, their location, the school they attend, their favorite hangouts, their boyfriends and girlfriends photos along with family and friends. They divulge their vacation location for all to see by the millions. Some social media users think they can avoid child support or alimony payments thinking they’ve insulated themselves to a point where they feel no one can find them to serve them with court documents. Eventually, they learn the hard way that they assisted the private investigator in finding them through their social media.

Blogs are an Excellent Tool for Private Investigators.

Private investigators often rely on blogs written by their subject to enlighten them as to the subject’s thought process. Often blogs reveal relevant information for an investigation.  

Private Investigators Access to Civil and Criminal Court Records.

The accessibility to court record research is essential and a privilege afforded to only private investigators when assigned to learn all they can about a subject. Before the Internet, court records could only be researched in person by going to multiple courts and spending hours going through criminal record searches using micro-fiche that matched the name of and date of birth of a subject. Civil record searches back in the day and even today are difficult to research if a subject has a common name because civil court cases do not allow a search using a date of birth. Online court research is hugely beneficial, and it saves the client a considerable amount of money because they do not have to pay for the investigator’s time to travel to the courts and for their time in the courts. A person with multiple civil lawsuits usually indicates that person is litigious and anyone interested in doing business with an argumentative personality should carefully read the court cases about that person. It is also essential for the private investigator to point out to their client if the subject was a plaintiff or a defendant in a civil suit. A subject who is a defendant and who has a long list of lawsuits as a defendant, reveals the subject does not appear to be someone an intelligent client would want to get involved with. If the private investigator finds that his subject has an extensive criminal record, in all likelihood, the client would not want to get involved with that subject.

Personal Contact.

A private investigator often comes face to face with all kinds of people and of every ethnicity. Some are the subject’s themselves others might be witnesses, close friends, and relatives all or one may have vital information to help resolve an investigation. An experienced private investigator will never approach anyone they intend to interview harshly as often portrayed in TV shows and movies. There is an old saying “you get more with honey than you do with spice, ” and that is the professional way for an investigator to interview someone. There are a couple of accredited schools that teach interview techniques to new private investigators and for private investigators who have not yet acquired the correct process of interviewing people.

Some interviews require a covert approach because identifying one’s self as a private investigator would not bode well. However, approaching a stranger, especially if the person contacted suspects that a private investigator is trying to trick them requires a very fine-tuned skill set. A good private investigator in Los Angeles the home of exciting detective shows will think of a pretext that is very believable to initiate a conversation with someone and which hopefully turns out to be an undetected interview. In this article, we will not reveal some of the pretexts used by private investigators because it could lead to severe repercussions if done incorrectly.

Private Investigators Should Consult with their Colleagues

No private investigator knows everything and therefore should be humble enough to reach out to colleagues for advice. There are several private investigator organizations worldwide that offer list-serves to contact all members with one email requesting advice. The response from one email to the list could be from dozens of private investigators in that particular association. A New York private investigator might seek assistance from their state-wide organization called; the Association for Licensed Detectives in New York State. In California, there is the California Association of Licensed Private Investigators.

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