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Essential Qualities To Look For In Your Future Husband

But on the other if the clock is ticking and there is no decent husband or boyfriend material in your life then you are going to want to have some urgency. So to get a good husband in the next 6 months is a pretty tough assignment, but it is not impossible.

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There are many things you can do and many steps you can take that will help you first of all get a new boyfriend. Then there are further steps you can take to increase the chances of hearing your own weddings bells in the near future.

The Clock Is Always Ticking In Your Life

I am truly sorry to bring this up but the clock of your life is running on and it seems to be running even faster. But this can work to your advantage. Because your potential husband also has a clock running.

You might think that guys do not worry about these things, but they do. They just do their worrying in a different way. So just run a little check on your social life. Are you mixing with men of the right age most days? If you are not doing this then how exactly do you expect to marry one of them?

I know a lady who has just married at the age of 50. She has never been in a relationship before. Her life up to now has been 100% dedicated to charity work around the world. A year or so ago she decided that she wanted to have a life of her own and left her work. Within weeks she was dating and she got married last March. This brings me to my next point.

Are You Completely Sure That You Are Not The Most Boring Person In The World?

I know another lady in her thirties who is single and is likely to stay that way. She goes to work everyday. She comes home everyday. She watches television everyday. She needs to rest every weekend to recover from her work. She does absolutely nothing of interest. She complained to me that she can never think of anything to talk about.

I explained to her that this was because she had absolutely nothing to talk about in the first place. Make sure you have interests outside of your daily life that you enjoy. Very often it will be these interests that bring you into contact with you future husband.

Be Ready For The Moment

This is very hard work, but if you are looking to find a husband quickly.

I completely understand this as I was once in this place. However, I also hear from men and I have some insight as to why they choose to keep many of the details to themselves. I'll share these reasons with you in this article, as well as tell you how to best deal with this.

Men Don't Always Spill All Of The Details Of The Affair Because They Are Ashamed And Embarrassed: Let's face it. There's no need to sugar coat it. A husband who has had an affair has behaved in a deplorable, destructive, and embarrassing way. Because of this, it's often that same husband's instinct to diminish this behavior as much as he can. It's embarrassing for him to tell you or explain how he carried on with someone who had no place in your lives or how he allowed all good sense and logic to go right out the window. He doesn't want to document to you how he almost threw away a life time of good will, hard work, and memories because of one selfish decision that he often wishes desperately he could take back, but now can't.

In short, men often tell me that they feel like an "old, desperate, fool." They don't want to put this weak, impulsive person on full display, especially when they are trying to save their marriage.

Husbands Don't Always Give You All Of Facts About The Cheating Because They Think They Are Sparing You Pain: Husbands don't always understand that you need to understand exactly why the affair happened. Often, they insist that the affair was their mistake that had nothing to do with you. In truth, this is partially correct. They alone made the decision to cheat and often, this decision is made from a place of low esteem or in an attempt to gain something that they feel is lacking in their own life or in their own minds. In this sense, they are right -- the fault of the affair is theirs alone.

But, there are always places where a marriage was vulnerable and knowing this allows you to affair proof your marriage in the future. Husbands often don't understand this. But, whether your husband will level with you or not, you can almost always start with a lack of attention or intimacy. The majority of unfaithful husbands who contact me for advice on saving their marriages confess that they didn't feel understood, valued, or appreciated by their wives. And frankly, they are embarrassed to need or want all of this reassurance and attention, so they don't tell their wives this.

He's Not Telling You The Whole Story Because The Thinks You Will Use It To Punish Him Or To Distance Yourself From Him Even More: Men are sometimes more perceptive than we give them credit for. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice that every time you discuss the affair, you become more angry, cold, and distant. This is usually the exact opposite of what they want, so to put a stop to this, they will just become tight lipped. They don't want more bad feelings and more destruction, so they mistakenly think that they will avoid this by limiting how much you know.

Making Him Understand Why You Want To Know The Details Behind The Affair: Before I tell you how to talk to him to convince him to open up, I first want to stress how important it is to check in with yourself. Often, the reason we want the details about the affair is because we want to understand why. But, in truth, there is never that one answer that is going to heal us. Because there's no reason that makes it OK to cheat and husbands often are not thinking logically when they make this decision.

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