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Dock Lights - A Must For Your Safety!

When you buy a boat having a dock is a must; whether you keep it in your own dock that you may have to build or you keep it in someone else's dock (that is you rent it out).

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A dock is a requirement for you so that the boat can be kept in a safe place and for that you need to stock your dock with a few accessories so that the dock is user friendly. Without some main equipments and gears your dock would be incomplete and sometimes in times of danger you may not be able to safe lives of other people or yourself without them.

There are a lot of dock accessories that can be bought but if you are on a low budget a few main things need to be there for sure. Some of them are:

Dock edge, dock ladder/ swimming ladder

A dock edge and ladder is needed to give you access to the exterior of your dock, especially if any repair needs to be done around the dock. If you need to go swimming a ladder is a requirement once you wish to get out of the water. Easy access to boats for ladies is also a function which will make your dock a 'woman friendly dock'.

Dock lights

These are a must for safety purpose. Dock lights give you the advantage of returning safely after sunset and will give you a secure feeling while docking your boat. Any mishaps and accidents will be avoided and if you venture far out to the sea, strong dock lights will make your dock visible to guide you back home. Under water dock lights add special effects and attract fish to your dock and eventually ladies to such a beautiful environment.

Aqua lantern solar buoy

These are also necessary to find your way back to your dock. During the day their color gives you ample and proper judgment as to how far you are away from your dock etc. During the night they act as solar lights guiding your way again.

Mooring lines

Help if someone ventures out too far swimming and also to keep your boat nicely and securely tied to the dock. During rough sea days also they act as an extra protection if tied from more than one place.

Shaded roof and permanent bench
These are for enjoyment in the evenings and at night. Carrying shades and chairs everyday and then keeping them back can become very annoying. These don't cost much and can be very cozy and convenient too.

Dock bumper
They provide a soft surface that your boat touches when bumped to the edge of your dock during rainy, windy days or even during a rough sea. They act as a precaution so that the boat does not get scratches and the paint does not come off. It pushes the boat back and away from the edge without damaging it.

Such are the accessories you may need around your dock. Enjoy yourself and stay safe!

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