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Dedicated Server Hosting: The Features And Benefits Of Using Dedicated Servers

Why do you need a dedicated server?

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The very first step in purchasing a dedicated server should be ensuring that you actually need a dedicated server. There are many other hosting options to be considered including shared hosting and virtual servers. We see four independent reasons why customers may require a dedicated server, these are:






If you need control over the server to do things that you can't do on a shared server then you are often forced into going dedicated. Control is usually in terms of the ability to perform configuration on the server yourself without restriction. If you want to be able to log in as an administrative or root user then you will need a best dedicated server to gain this level of control.

Look for a web based interface that allows you to query your usage stats when you need them. Ideally look for something that gives inbound as well as outbound data usage figures. If there is no online interface, online reports should also do the job.

The debate of having a shared or dedicated hosting package for your website is one that is ongoing. Both have their benefits and deciding on the best choice for you will depend largely on your business requirements. In general, dedicated server hosting is more expensive. It often also requires more technical expertise. When looking at it from this perspective, many business owners ask, Is it really worth it? Let's look at dedicated hosting in more detail and the benefits associated with it.

What Is a Dedicated Server?

By simple definition, a dedicated machine hosts just one client on the server. Compare this to a shared server where there can be hundreds of websites on a single server and you can immediately start to see the benefits of having a dedicated server. While a dedicated server has only one client, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can have only one website. In fact, for large companies where there are multiple divisions, it is often more cost effective to host several domains on a dedicated server than it is to host each one on a separate shared server.

When Would You Choose Dedicated Hosting Package?

Typically, dedicated machines are used by larger companies with a large web presence. They may have exceeded their capacity on a shared server and have more technical requirements for their website that cannot be accommodated on a shared server. If you are looking at the options of dedicated servers then it is probably because you have a large capacity website. You may also want to customize certain aspects of the hosting on the server. Most shared servers don't allow for customization so if this is important for your business, dedicated server hosting may be your only other alternative. What prevents most companies from having dedicated servers is that they are generally much more expensive. This is why usually only larger businesses make use of them. While you may have started out hosting your website on a shared server, you may get to the point where your business has grown sufficiently and a dedicated server starts to make more sense.

What Are the Benefits of a Dedicated Hosting package?

There are many benefits to having a dedicated package. Often, when you weigh them up compared to the higher cost, they still make a convincing argument. A great advantage of a dedicated server is the higher level of security on the server. Because your business is the only client on the server, if you are vigilant about your security systems and anti-virus software, this greatly reduces the risk of infection. Compare this to a shared server. This means that they could fall prey to a virus or spyware which could then inadvertently affect your website as well just because it is on the same server. With a dedicated server, you completely eliminate the risk of this happening. In general, you have a much more secure hosting platform.

Often with dedicated servers, you get a higher level of customer service from your hosting provider. You have access to their technical expertise to help you troubleshoot when you have problems with your website. Because you are a more valuable client, hosting providers usually go the extra mile to make sure they are meeting your needs.

You have much more control over what is processed on the server. In this way, you can ensure that you have maximum uptime for your website. Your website will be unaffected by other websites or hosting clients. You can control what scripts and processes you run to ensure that the website functions optimally. On a shared server, your uptime can often be affected by things that are beyond your control. With a dedicated server, you do not need to worry about this.

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