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Beyond The Hype: Harvard School Of Public Health-Supported Study About Antioxidants

For many years, people have been unsure about the idea of antioxidants. To the uninformed, they sound like another marketing buzzword; some kind of term we use to determine healthiness.

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However, if you spend even a cursory amount of time looking into such topics

you can soon find that the alternative is much easier to buy into and enjoy than believing they are another health fad.

At the same time, there is a lot of misinformation that suggests antioxidants are a cure-all solution for every problem we could have or face. We’re going to try and show you what studies are helping us understand regarding how we can treat our bodies, and what might need to change if we want to better maximize the use of antioxidants in the future.

To help you understand where we are coming from, take a look at this Harvard School of Public Health supported study

Now, given that Harvard is regarded as one of the most trustworthy locations on the planet for learning and academia, you can feel pretty safe trusting a study of such importance. However, if you are still in skeptic mood, let’s try and help persuade you that antioxidants are a real, proven feature of the body for optimal living.

This study is the perfect starting point for making sure that you can feel 100% confident in the idea of antioxidants being more than just a gimmick. Our bodies, especially in the challenging environment we have created for them through technology and industry that has dangerous effects on the environment itself, need harmony to success.

Our bodies – through bad dietary choices, living conditions and many other issues – can take in what we know as free radicals. This is a literal problem for the body as it can alter our entire DNA structure and this can cause problems with the way that we live our lives. It’s for this reason, then, that so many people prefer to engage with antioxidants. They are the cure to free radicals; basically, we need antioxidants assistance to help combat back against the damaging and decaying effects of the world we have created.

However, it shouldn’t just come from food supplements like glutathione capsules. They should come as part of a balanced and healthy diet that brings you these sources naturally.

Why We Need Antioxidants

The main reason that we “need” them, as we stated above, comes from a desire to reverse the damage that we have created. Poor choices in development have meant that the environment we all inhabit is now plagued with the development of free radicals. Poor dietary choices lead to the same negative development, as does many other aspects of life today.

Antioxidants are our knight in white, shining armor who works to help combat against antioxidants for the long-term. With hundreds, if not thousands, of free radicals that we can pick up and cause problems to our bodies with, this study helps to show that the answer is what we thought it was. When the body suffers from free radicals, we need to introduce antioxidants.

This can be introduced to your system of elements such as Vitamins C and E alongside other popular names such as beta-carotene. Selenium and manganese are other well-known sources of antioxidants with the likes of flavonoids, polyphenols and lipoic acids. All of these are the kind of ingredients that, truthfully, the body needs if it wishes to operate at the capacity it is capable of.

However, the problem is that many people hear the term antioxidant and think it’s a simple thing to measure. This is, in essence, a chemical property in the same way that you would class free radicals as the same. They work to help produce more electrons in the body. Also, the idea that all antioxidants are the same is a fallacy; they are nothing alike most of the time.

Each has its own unique make-up with its own properties and actions that it undertakes. So, understanding the full network of such positive health substances is vital to high-end living.

What Makes Antioxidants So Effective?

Since you cannot get all of your antioxidants from the one source – there is no one catch-all solution that exists, sadly – you need variety and balance in your antioxidant intake. They’ve been a major source of study for close to three decades, as science discovered their importance in the 1990s and have ever since been working towards understanding them better.

Free radicals were found to be the major causes of problems such as arterial blockage and even cancer and other chronic illnesses. Those who are at lowest risk of developing such illnesses eat plenty of foods and drink liquids extensively which are loaded with such important and vital features for life.

Long-term clinical trials have further proven what we have known for some time; that the development of antioxidants in our bodies can help to combat the likes of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses that put us in the ground.

However, antioxidants do need a significant caution put next to them. Studies in the past have found that the idea of antioxidant intake is not quite as powerful as once expected. As the above study showcases, there are many unanswered questions even still to show that antioxidants and disease prevention go hand-in-hand.

Most research teams that the study above points to showcases that there is very little to show that supplements that are sold on the markets so heavily actually provide us with the benefits that we need. While other trials showed that taking the likes of beta-carotene could potentially help with cognitive improvement, other studies showed a worrying trend between beta-carotene supplement usage and the development of lung cancer.

The problem is then, how this is all sold to us. Yes, studies showcase that eating healthier and getting antioxidants into our system can help to prevent the development of chronic illness. No, we can’t just take in massive supplements and expect to avoid the development of horrible illness.

Studies have shown, then, that we still have a lot of work to do in understanding what antioxidants can do for our bodies. They are recommended for those who are growing older and want to try and replace what their body loses. What they cannot be used for, though, is a total replacement or a guarantee that you are going to live a long, prosperous and healthy life.

So, the study showcases a lot of what we knew – antioxidants are good for us. They do provide us with benefit. But they are not the key to eternal life, and they don’t just undo the damage of free radicals.

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