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5 Fashion Jewellery Trends From India 2018

There are many unique fashion jewellery trends. Some that have been trends in the recent past. One such trend is chandelier earrings. You remember them don't you, from about five years back? They are great not only paired with evening wear but also with jeans. They can add flair to any denim look and are just as appropriate for a night out on the town.

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When wearing a statement piece of jewellery with respect to fashion jewellery trends, wear only one piece. In other words, do not pair that gorgeous (in fashion) cocktail ring with the dangle earrings described above. The look will not even appear eclectic; but miserably out-of-balance. As a rule, when wearing statement pieces keep the number always at one. Also pieces with lots of bling are best kept to the one piece rule.

Perusing trends it is apparent macrame ornamentation is being incorporated into necklaces. Also there are a good deal of Stylish Necklaces being worn that fall half way to the wearer's mid-section.

Cuff bracelets, large bangles made of either silver or Lucite are trendy. The colorful Lucite style bangle is generally mid-range in width whereas the silver bangles generally are smaller and come two, three, and four to a set. Also silver bangles and Lucite bangles are one of the best costume jewelry choices to pair with jeans or casual wear looks that incorporate a lot of denim.

Charm bracelets and regular rings incorporating heart charms in sterling silver are much admired. In fact sterling silver is a nice clean look and looks great with a wide variety of color hues. It is also less expensive than gold and is quite the popular choice with respect to a precious metal. The gold that is making the biggest wave as far as popular fashion jewellery trends though is beautiful yellow gold. It looks terrific in a necklace and may be just the right accessory draped over a white sweater.

Whether you choose less pricey options or choose to invest do not allow a sluggish economy get in the way. Jewellery is still one area of fashion that isn't expensive and can add so much to your wardrobe as well as you self-esteem. You cannot miss with any of the fashion jewellery trends mentioned within the preceding content.

A lot of people are conscious about the way they look and how others perceive them. Certainly, you would prefer to be as presentable as possible whenever you go out (no PJ's and slippers on your school run please). The jewellery you wear reflects your own personality as much as your choice of clothes. Is there a right or a wrong piece of jewellery? Perhaps what is wrong for one individual may be the true desire for another. Our vanity is one of the primary reasons why the fashion industry continues to do well year on year.

If you're a style savvy bride who wants to attain a perfect bridal look for your big day, it's important to invest in the right wedding jewellery. When the world is moving too fast and fashion is constantly changing, you must know about the recent trends in jewellery. Whether your focus is on a Diamond Engagement Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, Pendant, Earring or any other piece of ornament, choosing a fashion forward piece will always make you look glamorous and exceptionally stylish. Jewelry reflects her individual's personality and unique style sense, it has the power to accentuate even a simple attire. Donning costume jewelry can be inborn or be learned, updating yourself with the latest bridal jewellery trends is great in many ways. Here's the low down on the hottest wedding jewellery & accessories trends for 2017-18.

Vintage Charm

Vintage jewellery will always be considered timeless and elegant and it can add a touch of glamour for the big day. This style of jewellery is back with a bang and will be top of the trending list this year and the next. Whether you're into pearls, art deco, bold or geometrical shapes, these truly are something to suit every blushing bride on the day to remember.

Floral Motifs

One of the most favorable trends this season is floral jewellery. The poetic floral shapes do well to compliment brides looking for something playful yet sophisticated for their wedding day. This romantic flower inspired earrings, necklaces, and bracelets adorned with glittery diamonds can complete all bridal looks.

Cocktail Rings

Want something to make everyone's head turn? Well, these oversized rings have made a huge comeback this year. When embellished with diamonds or gemstones, they capture the attention of many. For a bride who wants to add a unique style to her bridal look and wants to stand out from the crowd, then cocktail rings are a way to go.

Minimalistic Bride

If you're a bride to be that doesn't really wear jewellery but wants something different for the big day yet not over the top, then minimalist bridal pieces are the right choices for you. Dainty jewellery pieces like small delicate diamond earrings, a simplistic diamond necklace, and a thin but elegant bracelet will speak volume for a bride who wants a softer touch. The advantage of this trend is that most pieces can be worn again after the big day.

Chain Fashion

This bold accessory is currently trending due to its great versatility. Bold chain bracelets and chain cuffs look great when paired with other jewellery styles. They are gem free and are usually made out of gold which is light, bold and highly valuable.

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