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4 Common Myths Everyone Has About Bloggers

Blogging might have been around for decades now, but there is still quite less known about bloggers to the world.

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The profession of blogging itself has some widespread myths that people created over the years, and today, when the numbers of professional bloggers are at their highest, we believe that it is imperative that these people erase their misconceptions about bloggers and blogging as a profession. Here, we list the 4 Common Myths Everyone Has About Bloggers. These myths are out and out wrong, and readers must understand that the blogging profession isn’t as such.

1. Bloggers are Writers

No! Although bloggers may be writers, they are not exclusively writers. Bloggers are dynamic. Apart from writing exciting and informative content for the blogs, a blogger can create vlogs, photography blogs and we even have food bloggers now. The idea of seeing bloggers as writers is typically an old thought, and there is much more to a blogger than just writing. A stand-alone blogger even looks after where to host blogs in cost-effective manners by considering different web hosting deals present. There are site optimization strategies, website enhancement responsibilities and way more different tasks that a blogger performs.

2. Blogging is for Geeks

Blogging might look like a job for nerds, but it is not. To be a successful blogger, one needs to be engaging with the kind of material they put on the websites. Blogging is not a terrible task when talking about the tools it uses, but the process of coming up with the right content, building a beautiful website and taking it between the masses is something that is a challenge which every blogger cherishes. Blogging, in fact, is an art where you must produce engaging materials to keep visitors stick to your website. A lot of respected brands and companies take the help of bloggers to advertise and create content for their products to reach their potential customers. There are fashion bloggers, suggesting new trends in the world of fashion and style, which is probably not a geeky job by any standard.

3. Bloggers Are Freelancers

While a lot of young students and young professionals consider blogging as a source of freelancing assignments, blogging is not strictly a freelancing job. Blogging as a profession can even generate revenues which are enough to serve the person practicing it. The role of a full-time blogger is as serious as any other job out there and requires specific expertise like making sites attractive with the best WordPress themes.

4. Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Bloggers

A lot has been said about the power of artificial intelligence and how it can affect bloggers, but it is again nothing more than a myth. Apparently, artificial intelligence will aid the work of bloggers and might be able to produce content for websites and blogs, but no machine will ever have the creativity and thought-process of a live human being. With algorithms and machine learning, robots might be able to learn and talk like humans but expecting them to come up with something new every time is hoping too much.

Hope you like my article mentioning the common myths about bloggers. If there is some more interesting points to add, do comment below so we could update the post with them.

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